18 Year Old Parents Exorcise Demons from 1 Year Old

Blaine Milam, and Jessica Carson are accused of having murdered their 13 month old child, in order to drive the demons out of her. This deranged, 18 year old couple should never be allowed to have children ever again, and should be kept away from society until the have been properly rehabilitated. The gruesome details of the story include blunt trauma, and over 20 human bites having been inflicted upon the child.
Exorcism is an all too often occurance in a country that pretends to be morally civilized. These notions of possession have permeated and perverted the view of thousands of followers of Christianity, and have led them to commit disgusting acts of violence against those labeled 'possessed'.

Lt. Reynold Humber, chief criminal investigator with the Rusk County Sheriff's Office, said sheriff officials received a 911 call around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday from the couple's home in the 13000 block of CR 2125 saying that the child was not breathing. Humber said once the first deputy arrived, paramedics informed him that the child was dead and there were suspicious circumstances. When detectives entered the residence around 11 a.m., Humber said they found the child on the floor of a bedroom with several injuries, including severe trauma that appeared to have been caused by a heavy object. Humber said when detectives asked about Amora's injuries, the couple gave several explanations, including that they had left the child unattended and someone broke in and bludgeoned her.
"The mother later confessed that Milam killed the child," Humber said. "They told us the child was possessed and they were trying to rid it of demons."
An arrest affidavit states Milam performed an exorcism and later states that after Milam attacked the child - with Carson witnessing the act - the couple drove to Henderson to pawn some items to pay for another exorcism.
"We believe they killed the child early in the morning, left to pawn their tools in Henderson, then came back and called 911," Humber said.
Milam was convicted earlier this year of aggravated sexual assault of a girl younger than 10 and has been serving a five-year probated sentence, according to Rusk County court records. The age and gender of that child was not immediately available. Milam also has been arrested on several charges of causing disturbances and family violence and assault at the CR 2125 residence.

seriously... some fucked up shit. what do you all think?


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Comment by Christy on December 5, 2008 at 11:26pm
you know what after reading this... Does not really surprise me to be honest. On the bright side I think it is intresting how in a court of law religion holds no water.
Comment by Sophie on December 6, 2008 at 10:39pm

Comment by Frink on December 10, 2008 at 5:01pm
Gina -- sick.

Sophie -- hilarious.
Comment by SaganPlanet on December 10, 2008 at 5:33pm
lol that pic is good! but really shows how dumb it all is :)
Comment by Aric on January 4, 2009 at 12:05am
That is why stupid people shouldn't be allowed to have kids.


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