So in the last blog I discussed how things go in the middle east from my point of view. Every problem occurring in the middle east is due to one main problem and this problem is violation to human rights. So basically nature is designed in a specific way and Islam is designed in a way completely opposite to nature. In the beginning of Islam, the worst way was used to spread the religion and that way was making an entire army to enter countries to spread the religion on the people by force. Muslims refute this by saying that no one was forced to enter the religion but if they remain on their old religion then they have to pay taxes and IF they do not pay those taxes, they are punished. That is undoubtedly a violation in human rights because no one should be forced to believe in something they do not want to believe in. Unfortunately, a lot of people in that time converted to Islam to escape from the taxes and to save their lives.

That dirty way of spreading the religion highly increased the Muslim population in a tremendous way so years had passed nearly 1400 years until the current middle east is formed. Such religion has produced generations of sadistic people only willing to dominate the planet as soon as possible. A violation of human rights lead to the production of people willing to violate human rights,it's an endless cycle. Again,those are just view examples of how Islamic countries violate human rights. On a wider scale, everyday the millions of women raped, domestically abused, punishments for them for being raped or sexually harassed, Islamic quotes against them such as the quote that says "a nation lead by a woman will never succeed" or "most of the residents of hell are women" and I am 100% sure of such quotes because I took them at high school in Islamic studies. These kinds of rules or sentences are violation to woman(human) rights. The funniest part of the middle east is it's issue with sex.

I mean they really think that sex can destroy humanity so honor killing starts to appear in which a couple is killed if they had a sexual intercourse. Sex for them is nothing more than giving birth and anything other than that is considered a disgrace to the country. So preventing boys and girls to meet up and be like normal humans made them have a very aggressive behavior. Scientific researches DID proved that by stating that preventing humans from expressing their sexual behavior will lead to the development of dangerous sexual violence. That is why, most of the people are either rapists, sexual harassers, animal rapists, porn addicts and extremely violent not only by a sexual way.Really the people around here can not be fully blamed, this filthy religion actually mutated their minds and screwed up their lives.But to be honest, they never had the willing power to change because few people like myself were exposed to sexual frustration and other violation to human rights, but they never took raping as an excuse and never took violence as a way of self expression, we are HUMANS,  we must be better than this, women are beautiful humans that must be loved and respect no matter how hard our lives can be.

I lived all my life in the middle east but i always bowed down for respect for women and for civilized humans in general. Again, when there is violation to human rights,other catastrophic consequences will be dragged along with it. Think about it my fellow muslims!  

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Comment by Simon Paynton on February 12, 2016 at 8:25am

@pA - we could use some paragraph breaks. 

Comment by proudAthiest on February 12, 2016 at 8:41am

oh my bad! sorry

Comment by Unseen on February 12, 2016 at 12:20pm

There are only two kinds of rights (unless you are religious and derive rights methaphysically): 1) legislated and 2) imaginary. So, a governing body can pass a law establishing a right or you can apply a right you think people ought to have (through legislation) or else you are just blowing smoke out your ass.

Comment by proudAthiest on February 12, 2016 at 4:00pm

I like the way you elaborate the kind of rights, but really...This only happens in a modern society,but in the middle east...the same rules were used in the last 1400 years,and these rules did not really concentrate on serving the citizens in middle eastern countries but concentrated on serving their invisible god(the imaginary rights as you mentioned). And to be honest,a lot of people here actually wanted to make a change in the middle east,but did anyone listen to them? no they didn't, that is why they end leaving the middle east and use their mind set in a place that can really take advantage of them like most of the modern countries.


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