10 Fallacies directly refuting the arguments of W.L. Craig

On Today the most Holy of Atheist holidays a Golden etched scroll of unending knowledge was passed down to me by a chorus of cannibalistic pygmies..  In this scroll was the refutation ofWilliam L Craig's entire argument for the existence of "god" In 11 simple fallacies..



#1 Argumentum Ad Klondike Bar: The proposition of a klondike bar in exchange for voluntary forfeit of your position.


#2 Argumentum Ad Chewbacca: essentially a non-sequiter, this argument attempt to relate a nonsensical assertion to a desired conclusion in an attempt to bypass logical deduction.


#3 Appeal to Athoritahhhh: Similar to appeal to authority, although invoking he Carman clause of logical trump card.


#4 Argumentum ad Hudson Hawk... If you sing while you say it then it has to be true..


#5 Apeal to Fashion - Attempting to bolster one's positoin by wearing a three piece suit to an informal debate.


#6  Argumentum Ad Convolutum et Condemnataum - Establishing that the logical path to the love of Jesus that requires a PhD to navigate, thus ensuring everyone with an IQ below 150 burns in hell for eternity.


#7 Appeal to Boston Law - Attempting to bolster one's position by shuffling papers using the self-righteous gestures of David Spader.


#8 Appeal to Working the Room: Makeing pathetic jokes at the beginning of each debate to win over the crowd


#9 Begging the Pastafarian: Breaking down to the point you pray to the flying spaghetti monster in the middle of the debate for guidance via noodly appendage..


#10 Non-Afflictium Ad Nostrilus: asserting that ones own farts do not afflict one's owns nose as evidence of intelligent design.


#11 If by vodka: An argument that supports both sides of an issue by using the terms "I LOVE YOU MAAAAAAN"


Assisted by the twisted mind of Heather Spoonheim

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Comment by Heather Spoonheim on April 1, 2011 at 9:45pm
Case closed.
Comment by Arcus on April 2, 2011 at 8:46am
Comment by Dustin on April 2, 2011 at 11:01am
Cute.  But I have never heard Craig sing anything.
Comment by Jacob LeMaster on April 2, 2011 at 11:26am
Ah yes but we could to disprove him!


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