I am now currently having my on-the-job-training in a catholic TV channel owned and being run by the archdiocese of Manila. I dunno why I got there. Hmmn, maybe it’s someone’s will? Ahaha! Of all the television production company we have here, I ended up in a ‘holy’ station.
TV Maria is the local counterpart of EWTN here in the Philippines. It was under Caritas Manila and is being managed by the archdiocese of Manila.

Anyway, it was a fun experience, the people are nice. And I really love learning about religion. Specially the one I left.

My first day was a Maundy Thursday, hmmn... we covered the most important events of the holy week (for the Catholics...) so, I dunno. I’m at their church for that whole time. Witnessing and covering every detail (than the real Catholics). Weird.

We were there at the front because we are covering the event (to be shown in a cable channel) and I felt uncomfortable since everybody has to do sign of the cross or kneel every time, and I think I'm the only one who didn’t. You see, I don’t want to fool or force myself. I felt like it’s as if they were looking at me because I didn’t do that. Hah!

But of course I did everything to show respect. I think that’s the most important. Actually, to keep myself from getting bored and sleepy, I sang with the praise songs every so often, after all church songs are really nice. Good melodies...

What really upsets me is when I noticed that people are treating priests like celebrities. There is this event that priests from different parishes attended the mass to represent their place. The people of that place hold large banners with pictures of their parish priests and word “WE LOVE YOU FATHER BLAH, BLAH” outside the church. They were cheering as if it was a contest. When the event ended, the people are screaming waiting for their idol priests like hungry fans.

Plus,they are all hurrying to kiss the feet of Jesus Christ. I worry that all they would get there was bacteria.

My friends were all laughing at me when I joined the people in cheering and calling Father... someone because they knew that I was just making fun.

I was also there during the washing of the feet. Well, I admit, I was touched by the humbleness of Cardinal Rosales when he washed and kissed the feet of disabled people (I recognized some from Hospicio de San Jose, cause I have done some volunteer work there a few years ago.) The ‘show’ was dramatic. We even took photos with him after.

But it gave me creeps during the Easter vigil when the group of priests sang chants. I felt like I was on the “Fatal Frame (video game)” (they were like summoning or something... I dunno). I don’t know why but I really feel that I don’t belong there but I was glad to see those they considered as holy acts.

Now this is so ironic...

An atheist, having a very holy week.

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Comment by Danair Joa Estrare on January 26, 2010 at 4:08am
hehehheh natawa naman ako heheh

ehem ah...hindi mo ba nasubukan sabihin sa kanila na hindi ka na naniniwala sa Christianity?

saan ka sa manila?
di ko alam channel na yan ala kasi cable sa bahay hehehheh
Comment by Luna Agimat on April 7, 2010 at 4:19am
hey hi! ngaun nlng ako nkbalik dto sa site eh.. dko din alam dati yang channel n yan, pero pag holy week kinover namin c cardinal.. hehe!

nahiya naman akong sabihin sa knila.. yaan ko nlng,, haha! thanks!


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