I just pulled mself from the quicksand. I've been trapped for the last two days in a fruitless and frustrating back and forth with a pro life, anti euthanasia, creationist... I know, I know "Someone is wrong on the internet" but it is so frustrating recieving her messages. You know you shouldn't look, but the stupid calls to you. "How bad can it be this time" you ask yourself.


Seriously, this girl uses all the talking points! She repeats "questions" over and over looking for a particular answer, not satisfied until it is provided for her to crow over.


She actually said "only a theory" and "show me a half monkey half man" and when I explained we don't come from monkeys using cousins and grandparents to illustrate the difference between ancestors and contemporaries she followed up with puzzlement that I was calling her grandfather a monkey and after some more clarification followed up with "so where are the half monkey men" again as if nothing had happened.


After she tried "only a theory" and when I'd explained evolution is a theory like germ theory she suggested I lick a toilet brush - clearly misunderstanding which of us doesn't accept scientific theories as more than guesswork.Then she loled at herself.


And, of course, I have no morals. Without the bible and god how could I? And I'm not qualified to discuss the bible because I don't understand it. Direct quotes are out of context, obviously. And I have faith, more faith than her. I mentioned to her that I snigger every time a theist uses faith as a dirty wod. I mean it is a dirty word,but it is nice when they acknowledge it.


In the end the only way to escape was to delete the thread, which is a shame. But otherwise I'd never have escaped from the cluthces of ignorance.



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Comment by Rick on November 22, 2011 at 10:19am

There is a name for people like her: “Troll.” It sounds like she was just fucking with you to provoke a response. No doubt she believes in a lot of bullshit, but it sounds like she knows just what to say and how to say it to push your buttons. Perhaps I’m giving her too much credit, but I think she knew what she was doing. Her breed of troll is very common.

Comment by Ron V on November 22, 2011 at 10:28am

With respect to human ancestry, a decent book as a resource is The Complete World of Human Evolution - I believe there is more evidence than most people are aware of with respect to human ancestry.

As far as other discussions about "evidence" for evolution, the TalkOrigins website and the Understanding Evolution (Berkeley) websites are pretty good (in my opinion).

In my experience, most, if not all, the people who do not accept evolution have not read On the Origin of Species or have not been educated sufficiently to be in a position to actually critique evolution.  It is likely a person such as the one mentioned here will neither have the inclination nor the capacity to comprehend evolution.


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