So today I posted that video about the milk jug being related to god ( on my facebook. This girl commented "dislike :(" on it, so she messaged me and said it was rude and it bashed her beliefs...I told her that people putting stuff about god on their facebook is bashing MY beliefs. She went on about how god is great and how he did something incredible to her. I asked what he possibly could have done for her and this is the actual part of the conversation...


Me: But if you don't mind me asking...How many prayers of yours has god answered vs. not answered?
Her: well sometimes it is not in Gods will to do something and when you pray you have to be so vulnerable and so open to Him .... I have never been this open toward Him like this ever in my life and He has answered so many I cannot for example, there was something wrong with me during may this year wear I started to lose my hair....I am now just getting it back.
Me: Another reason why I don't believe/respect the power of prayer is because all too often it coincides with themselves.
Her: seth that isnt.
Me: You say that god was the answer your hair falling out...don't you think there are more important thing out there than someones hair falling out? Not trying to be a dick or anything.
Her: whatever i say you will only say it was a coincides ..... wow... may I say that was really don't know what i have been through whhile losing my hair
you know what i cannot talk to you right now ..thanks for making me cry
Me: Well why did he decide to help you when there are people dying in the hospital and what not? I am really not trying to make a dick I'm just asking questions. I know it may sound bad when reading it but it is intended to be in a tone that is respectable. I'm not showing disrespect.
(End of conversation, she did not respond back...)
Why would he waste his time on something so unimportant? Instead of helping someone with cancer, giving us the cure for AIDS, he decided to help some girl out by regrowing a few stands of hair that fell out while she was in the shower? This just baffles me... 


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Comment by Tierra Wilson on November 10, 2011 at 1:22am
That's my issue, why would god choose to answer your prayers but not help the children dying in hospitals? It makes no sense that people do not see the flaws in that
Comment by Seth Jon Nonnemaker on November 10, 2011 at 1:22am

You have a point, earlier in the conversation she said to me "I feel sad for the people who don't believe in the truth. I can't understand why they don't believe in what I believe, are they not educated well enough?" I then had to inform her that I was an atheist because she didn't know. So that comment got me a little angry so I guess that is why I told her that...It could have been a lot worse, but I agree with you in the fact that it could have been worded differently so it would not have been I guess you could say.

Comment by Dylan Sloboda on November 12, 2011 at 5:35am

well... if you really want to make things bad you could say "How do you know it wasn't god that made your hair fall out... and how do you know it wasn't the devil that made it grow back?"


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