One of my favorite quotes is "Being shy about being an atheist is like the class genius purposely flunking a test in order to fit in."  Now I am not sure who said it first or where to give credit but I think its an amazing concept.
How many atheist friends do I have who are essentially in the closet.. that are afraid of what others may think of them and don't ever chose to disclose the person that they are deep down.  I for one have never wanted to hide the fact that I am who I am. It dosen't change that I am still a great person, that I am funny, that I cook well and people enjoy my company.  That I can recommend great movies, and still be an ear to those who have troubles.   I try my best to keep my flag high, so that I can be a light to those that are afraid.  That there is true sincere love in being an atheist.  That there is complete compassion for people and the world around you.  That your not another angry theist hater.  That you have knowledge, experiances and a voice that needs to be heard.
How many people do you know that chose to say 'in the closet'? What are their fears, what are your fears?

What do you do keep your flag high?  <3

- Nicky

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Comment by Nicky Rossi on October 21, 2011 at 6:27pm

;) love you moar.

Comment by Ed on October 21, 2011 at 6:43pm

Keep your chin up and broadly proclaim your atheism. I wish I had years ago. I tell people I am an atheist and SMILE and say "You mean you're not?"



Comment by Nicky Rossi on October 21, 2011 at 6:50pm

That's such a great responce. :) I bet people kind of stand their for a second computing the question.  Anytime the topic turns to religion I always try and make sure that they know what I am all about so when I am disagreeing or have a different view point they know why.


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