A friends death tainted by religious idiot

I had a friend commit suicide due to his not so well life... He has tried a few times before, he did this half a year ago or so, and i commented him on myspace that he is now in a better place than this tainted pitch black tar of a world that we live in. So i get a messege from someone he knew, no doubt was she religious, but also a complete idiot and not enough to even read my testimony against her views, i thought it was an interesting conversation as i just went back to find it in my myspace (yes myspace... sorry TA =[ ) indox history. So here it is

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Ya know ur a dork, just like he was. Coward, the easy way out. Do u know that he has 2 stepsons, that are best friends with my son, and do u know that one of them found him. Cowardly. how do u know that there nothing after u die,I couldn't even read all this nonsense.
I'll think what i think. u have ur own opinion. Do not answer me back. I have nothing more to say to u.
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From: Квис Андреев Eyes Open
Date: Sep 10, 2008 5:18 PM

Have you ever took a good look at the world lately? Have you thought about all the lives lost in the World. Not just American deaths, throughout the globe, if you've ever thought of the pain, grievance, and destruction in our world, you'll notice that its one chaotic world out there.

You call his suicide cowardly. Why? Is death so bad that you consider its pursuit such a bad thing? If you've ever noticed the fear in people of death you'll realize that they create MANY illusions, lies, to comfort the mind. What do i think happens after death? Nothing, nothing at all, and i accept that, it is hard to accept that after death all there will be is nothing, but its a little more believable than the stories that circle the world.

Again, you mention God, did God kill those people on 9/11/01 (not 9/11/08 im sure you're used to the current time). Maybe he did, will we ever know? No, because God's devine plan is his own, we can't know it, hell, we were "cursed" with mortality trying to seek knowledge from the tree! How can we say that the deaths of 3,000 people are not Gods will?

If you've ever read the bible, you'll notice that God has ordered many people to kill another, due to belief in another God or god, or by breaking a commandment (command-ment, take notice of the "command" part) or by disobeying God's laws, orders, or will. Religion, in part due to God's, or god's, will, is the leading cause of War, Death, and Suffering. Do you not wonder why we are in the middle east? Or do you think that they just wanted to hurt us because we have such great lives?

Do you know the US foreign policy? Do you know that we build bases on other peoples lands? Did you know that we had Built a base on the Muslim Holy Land? But im sure you don't care, i mean, other religions other than your's are blasphemy, so they don't matter. No, other peoples lives don't matter, at least the lives that don't believe in your specific God.

The "Terrorists" or "Muslim Extremists" or "Alkhida" (whatever the news likes to call them nowadays) saught that the building of that base was against their religion, and it
pretty much pissed them off. So are you saying that there was no reason they attacked us?

In Conclusion, Whether it is Gods will or chance, to my view, and im sure to Rick's view, death is a more peaceful way of going than living in a world full of corruption, Death, Deceit, Lies, and Murder. Of course, he was a bit weak minded, therefore he couldn't handle it all...

So i am offended that you would assume he is going to Hell just by the cause of killing himself, in fact, as i stated, it is God's will who dies and who lives, Was it not God's will that Jesus died? Yes he was murdered, but at some point, some how, he would have died anyway. But a murder seems to send a bit more of a message to the masses about the "evil" in this world.
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From: Kelli
Date: Sep 10, 2008 5:17 PM

So ur telling me all those people that died on 09/11/08 was something that god had planned?!
I disagree with u!!
This isn't the first time that he tried to kill himself. So what he did, i believe, that he did for a purpose, and that was to end his life. He knew what he was doing, he's wasn't dumb. He took the easy way out, a cowards way.

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From: Квис Андреев Eyes Open
Date: Sep 10, 2008 3:38 PM

1. This information you say is true, only within the covers of a book, the book called the bible.

2. Medicine is man made, therefore the overdose of drugs is what killed him, whether he knew it or not, in either case he didn't kill himself, man killed him with "technology"

3. Assuming that God does take ones life, and that God has a road map for every life, its only logical that God took his life, because the only person that CAN kill you, is God, you can't yourself, because even if you do, its still in his plan.

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From: Kelli
Date: Sep 10, 2008 1:43 PM

R u sure that Rick is in a better place? The only person who has the rite to take ur life is god. When u take ur own life u go to hell.

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Comment by Dan on April 29, 2009 at 1:56am

Comment by Tony / San Francisco on April 29, 2009 at 3:05am
Hell exists only for those who believe in it.
I saw 3 of my friends die slow, horrible deaths from AIDS. Being HIV+ I don't know if my virus will kick in. I know I won't suffer they way my pals did. I'd end my life with dignity.
I think it takes a TREMENDOUS amount of COURAGE to end one's life. Just like gay marriage is inevitable, tho slow to come about.... so will the right to end one's life legally.
(The Republicans are losing support because they've been highjacked by religious fundamentalists, & they're very vocal about life/death issues. Bye Bye Repubs. )

I want to say, I don't support suicide to end depression. There are therapies, pills, and ways to come out of depression. I'm writing about a physical disability which = LIVING HELL.

I'm so very thankful this topic is discussed ! Good job.
Comment by Dan on April 29, 2009 at 3:09am
Tony, Depression IS a Physical Disability too. Pills And therapy don't work on everyone. I speak with experience.

I agree with you 100% on the other points you make.
Comment by ANGEL TAFOYA on April 29, 2009 at 3:38am
Funny how she ran out of facts and her only comeback was "Do not answer me back. I have nothing more to say to u." she probably had her arms crossed and let out a short hmmmpphh as she said it LOL
Comment by a7 on April 29, 2009 at 9:05am

let me start by sending my good wishes to you and the family of your friend in this time of need. forget all the holy crap.
Dan is correct in what he says about depression. its a terrible blight and for some death is the only way for out. my own thoughts have always been one of wanting death to hurry up. I dont go looking for it anymore but when it comes it will give me the only real peace i have ever known.

i have told my kids and donna that when i go , be happy that i have for the first time ever found real peace of mind. That I will always be there in their hearts and that i will always love them

make sure your friends family know that it was a brave act. To rememebr him through found memory's., he will always be with them in their hearts.

i have to stop now.


On the cowards way out, this is based on dogma, to take your own life is the bravest thing anyone will ever undertake. i tried once, woke up being sick everywhere and thank fuck im still around at the momment.

i have three kids and a lovely supportive family and i still cant wait. Your friend would have thought this to the last minute, tears would be plentifull just thinking of the people he will leave behind and the times he will miss with loved ones. Yet he still choose to end his life.
Comment by Pam on April 29, 2009 at 9:17am
I couldn't even read all this nonsense.

She even admitted she didn't read Krysis' reply, which was not nonsense to me. I guess she has difficulty understanding words more sophisticated than "u" "omg" and "Jesus".
Comment by Theresa on April 29, 2009 at 10:13am
I think you showed this to me a while back.
Now, I still think suicide is the "easy" way out...but who am I to know the impetus for his action.
You made very good points throughout it....and that chick was in the "lalala" stage and she isn't waking up anytime soon. Sound like anyone else we know?
Comment by Krysis on April 29, 2009 at 2:56pm
thank you everyone, and yeah i've had this for a while never really thought of posting it here until i revisted the conversation a few days ago, but its ridiculous how low respect comes when peoples actions contradict other peoples opinions, opinions based on a novel.
Comment by Jenn T-R on April 29, 2009 at 5:13pm
I've had enough death around me to last 3 lifetimes (not that I expect to have them). Sometimes people get so bogged down in their lives there is no going back. I had an aunt commit suicide when I was in junior high and the ordeal has stuck with me. She basically ended her life because she couldn't live without my uncle who had died the year before. My grandmother died within 2 years of my grandfather's death and though she didn't commit suicide I think the reason for her deteriorating health was the same as my aunt's suicide. So whether they took their own lives or not they still came to the same end through their loss and sadness. How can I judge one over the other?
Comment by Frink on May 2, 2009 at 9:06pm
"I couldn't even read all this nonsense."

Priceless ending. Obviously not smart enough to understand a word you said. Hopeless.

Keep on fighting the good fight, Krysis.


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