A friends death tainted by religious idiot

I had a friend commit suicide due to his not so well life... He has tried a few times before, he did this half a year ago or so, and i commented him on myspace that he is now in a better place than this tainted pitch black tar of a world that we live in. So i get a messege from someone he knew, no doubt was she religious, but also a complete idiot and not enough to even read my testimony against her views, i thought it was an interesting conversation as i just went back to find it in my myspace (yes myspace... sorry TA =[ ) indox history. So here it is

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Ya know ur a dork, just like he was. Coward, the easy way out. Do u know that he has 2 stepsons, that are best friends with my son, and do u know that one of them found him. Cowardly. how do u know that there nothing after u die,I couldn't even read all this nonsense.
I'll think what i think. u have ur own opinion. Do not answer me back. I have nothing more to say to u.
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From: Квис Андреев Eyes Open
Date: Sep 10, 2008 5:18 PM

Have you ever took a good look at the world lately? Have you thought about all the lives lost in the World. Not just American deaths, throughout the globe, if you've ever thought of the pain, grievance, and destruction in our world, you'll notice that its one chaotic world out there.

You call his suicide cowardly. Why? Is death so bad that you consider its pursuit such a bad thing? If you've ever noticed the fear in people of death you'll realize that they create MANY illusions, lies, to comfort the mind. What do i think happens after death? Nothing, nothing at all, and i accept that, it is hard to accept that after death all there will be is nothing, but its a little more believable than the stories that circle the world.

Again, you mention God, did God kill those people on 9/11/01 (not 9/11/08 im sure you're used to the current time). Maybe he did, will we ever know? No, because God's devine plan is his own, we can't know it, hell, we were "cursed" with mortality trying to seek knowledge from the tree! How can we say that the deaths of 3,000 people are not Gods will?

If you've ever read the bible, you'll notice that God has ordered many people to kill another, due to belief in another God or god, or by breaking a commandment (command-ment, take notice of the "command" part) or by disobeying God's laws, orders, or will. Religion, in part due to God's, or god's, will, is the leading cause of War, Death, and Suffering. Do you not wonder why we are in the middle east? Or do you think that they just wanted to hurt us because we have such great lives?

Do you know the US foreign policy? Do you know that we build bases on other peoples lands? Did you know that we had Built a base on the Muslim Holy Land? But im sure you don't care, i mean, other religions other than your's are blasphemy, so they don't matter. No, other peoples lives don't matter, at least the lives that don't believe in your specific God.

The "Terrorists" or "Muslim Extremists" or "Alkhida" (whatever the news likes to call them nowadays) saught that the building of that base was against their religion, and it
pretty much pissed them off. So are you saying that there was no reason they attacked us?

In Conclusion, Whether it is Gods will or chance, to my view, and im sure to Rick's view, death is a more peaceful way of going than living in a world full of corruption, Death, Deceit, Lies, and Murder. Of course, he was a bit weak minded, therefore he couldn't handle it all...

So i am offended that you would assume he is going to Hell just by the cause of killing himself, in fact, as i stated, it is God's will who dies and who lives, Was it not God's will that Jesus died? Yes he was murdered, but at some point, some how, he would have died anyway. But a murder seems to send a bit more of a message to the masses about the "evil" in this world.
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From: Kelli
Date: Sep 10, 2008 5:17 PM

So ur telling me all those people that died on 09/11/08 was something that god had planned?!
I disagree with u!!
This isn't the first time that he tried to kill himself. So what he did, i believe, that he did for a purpose, and that was to end his life. He knew what he was doing, he's wasn't dumb. He took the easy way out, a cowards way.

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From: Квис Андреев Eyes Open
Date: Sep 10, 2008 3:38 PM

1. This information you say is true, only within the covers of a book, the book called the bible.

2. Medicine is man made, therefore the overdose of drugs is what killed him, whether he knew it or not, in either case he didn't kill himself, man killed him with "technology"

3. Assuming that God does take ones life, and that God has a road map for every life, its only logical that God took his life, because the only person that CAN kill you, is God, you can't yourself, because even if you do, its still in his plan.

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From: Kelli
Date: Sep 10, 2008 1:43 PM

R u sure that Rick is in a better place? The only person who has the rite to take ur life is god. When u take ur own life u go to hell.

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Comment by M on May 16, 2010 at 5:49pm
I'm very sorry about your friend. Whether he ever would have felt happy if he'd just "held on" or if he did what was best for him is not for us to ever know, and not because of some big bad deity's plan. Just how it is. Honestly, that girl should feel shitty for saying those horrible things about a person whose life meant a whole lot to a whole lot of people right after he'd died. Some Christian charity and love for one's fellow man, huh? (But pretty typically judgmental, unfortunately. Self-righteous, holier-than-thou. Love it.) Suicide is exercising one's free will. It's really those that are left behind that don't like it.


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