Everywhere I turn, everywhere I go people are talking about god. Even my family is plagued by this nonsense. I use to live in California, and I've never had a problem wiht people praying before meals for the occasional "Bless you" because...It was occasional! Ever since I moved to Minnesota I hear and see it everywhere. My sister in-law, who I thought for a long time was a very nice woman now quotes verses on Facebook, and snidely states "I didn't come from a monkey". Which at first made me what to laugh because of how it was so incorrectly stated. Of course she didn't, I've met her human mother, but she takes this to a whole new level. Just today she posted on facebook that some one told her son that dragons didn't exist and she held a bible study with him and told him said person was wrong. Said person was me, and she new it was me.

    I had been watching her four kids at the park digging in the sand. I told them if they dug deep enough maybe we'd find dinosaur bones. I was just trying to stimulate imagination. So being like kids are the oldest had a know it all moment and said "My mom say's god took them away, but there are dragons still" Without even batting an eye I said "What? no, dragons aren't real." I regretted it right form the start but not for and religious reason. I regretted it because I felt like I had just told a kid Santa wasn't real. But the boy persisted it telling me it's in the bible and his mother say's the bibles real. I dropped it.
But here we are over a week later and it's rearing it ugly head on facebook, even my in laws are in on it.
It's ridiculous.

I live with my husbands uncle who is a pastor, but he surprisingly is much easier to talk to about these things. He even defended evolution on our church camp out. He's not persistent on pushing he's belief or feeling offended by something I've said that may be contrary of that belief.

I can't even make friends in this new land because everyone feels it necessary to talk god. I can go through one social interaction with out a "praise lord" "Isn't god good" etc. Which normally I can let roll off my shoulder, but these people want a response, the best I can give is a rolling of the eyes. A house mate walked into the room while I was watching Tv and someone said Hell, and this woman had a small heart attack, gasping and saying "oh, noo, shame on him, yammer yammer yammer" I was getting irritated with her talking over my show so I said "How old are you again?" It made my point, but I'm slowly growing tension with everyone and that's not good.

It's not just house guess and family, it's even the locals. It's a really small town and you run into friends of friends or people you live with! I can get away! I just don't' know what to do I feel like I'm loosing my sanity.

I've only been away from California for three weeks and people are judging me! People back home think I'm acting silly, but they don't understand. I feel like this is one of those build ups, The straw that broke the camels back sort of deal.

Feel free to comment your thoughts from either side.

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Comment by Gabriel on September 24, 2011 at 3:02am

This is the reason I cannot imagine ever living in a state other than California again. Maybe another less "religulous" country but places like Texas, Utah, Mississippi, etc. make me almost break out into hives! I guess the midwest is just as bad as the south. That's unfortunate - you have my sympathy. For your own mental health, I hope you find your way out of that situation.

Comment by Cristynfaye on September 24, 2011 at 12:34pm

Haha...try moving to Tennessee for a year.  We moved there right after we got married.  We actually moved there because we were still Christians, and my husband was there for graduate seminary.  But while we were there, he became an atheist and I started losing my faith.  Whenever we'd try to talk to people about it (because we really did want to know God....we didn't want to lose our faith), people would either get really riled up and angry, get mad at us for questioning, and one guy even told my husband "why are you even here?".  Even the professors at his school didn't really want to talk about it.  And to make things worse, I had to work at a daycare in a baptist church, where I had to sign a thing in order to work there that stated 1. Jesus is my personal Lord and Savior 2. The Bible is the Inerrant word of God and 3. Marriage is a holy covenant between one man and one woman.  Now, I *reeeeeallly* needed a job, so I just signed the thing and kept my mouth shut....mostly.  And that was all hard to live with when I still was a Christian!  But again, I'm from Seattle, where most of the Christians are still liberal.


But anyway, I totally get you.  Most of my friends and family are still very evangelical.  I had to stop going on facebook this week because I couldn't stand all the religious BS and the prayer requests and all that.  It's sad, because many of my relationships have changed...it seems like now no one wants to keep in touch anymore.  It's weird how Christians can be so unaware.  It's quite hurtful, and they don't even realize it most of the time.  


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