Edit the Pledge of Allegiance to Remove "Under God"

Something that is important to all of us, a new petition is being circulated that is asking that the Pledge of Allegiance to remove the words "under god". Please plus one, tweet and circulate the link to as many people as you can. This is important.


Here's the wording of the petition:


We petition the obama administration to:

Edit the Pledge of Allegiance to remove the phrase "Under God".

The Pledge of Allegiance is said every day in schools across America. It is a government sanctioned speech, and should remain neutral in matters of religion. In its current state, it supports the existence of God, which goes against several religions, and supports others. This bias should not be supported by the country according to the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Created: Sep 22, 2011
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Comment by Kenneth Low on September 27, 2011 at 12:27pm

Here is practical atheism: In stead of "In God we trust" why isn't the slogan "In our government we trust"? I mean, it doesn't inspire me with confidence when the authority printing money has to drag God into it. More to the point, government should be all business. It's weak to fill in the blanks with maudlin slogans that really don't mean anything.

Comment by Denise DeSio on October 9, 2011 at 10:03pm

@Katie, this makes me furious too. I've had this conversation many times and I feel as if people like Joseph don't really get the point. Sorry Joseph, don't mean to insult you, but you're what's wrong with America. You are one of hundreds of thousands whose apathy has led us to the mind-numbing religious lunacy that has taken over our country and our government. The ever vigilant, relentlessness of the right wing has become so distilled now that the disembrained have simply accepted it as a bothersome but resident fact of life. It's not. It's an ever-creeping (and creepy) gluttonous monster that is not only threatening to overcome all semblance of logic and reason, but has effectively infiltrated every aspect of society from government to school boards and everything in between. I personally am sick to death of it. So no. A "little" word like god in the pledge of allegiance is not simply fodder for my hobbies. It is yet another method of indoctrination for our children, another way to alienate them if they don't comply. UGH! It's so frustrating that so many people don't understand that it's ALL a battle that we will keep losing until we put our foot down on the scope creep.

Comment by Denise DeSio on October 10, 2011 at 6:09pm

I'm sorry too, Joseph. Didn't mean to soapbox (yes, I'm using it as a verb). It's just that EVERY effort to rouse Americans from religious stupor, no matter how small it may seem to others, is important. So even though we may each direct our energy toward a cause that we feel will do the most good, it's very important to support others who are trying to make a difference elsewhere. So yes, your apathy was uncalled for, AND I support all your efforts to make this nation a better place.


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