Care must be taken to draw a distinction between a rational  idea and an emotional truth. A rational idea is a construct of the conscious mind. An emotional truth is an expression of human feeling. It's just what someone feels to be true.

     Jesus Christ never gave religious law in the tradition of the old religion (the Law of Moses) or Islamic law. He spoke in cryptic imagery and enigmatic parables. As a consequence, Christianity has no rational expression. It is pure emotionality.

     Confusion always enters in when traditional Christians take purely emotional statements like, 'Christ died for our sins' and view them in rational terms. Then they want to accept them at face value, literally, despite the fact that they make no sense as rational ideas. This is why we need to have separation of church and state.

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Comment by Ed on September 17, 2011 at 7:51am

So are you saying that Xtians are irrational? Or that the need for separation of church and state arises out of their need to make literal interpretations of the bible. 

The real reason for separation of church and state is to provide a means to allow theists the ability to worship their god(s) without being able to institute law that affects those that don't. 


I may of missed your point though....

Comment by Kenneth Low on September 23, 2011 at 7:35pm

     Yes, because Christian faith is purely emotional, its expression is always irrational. The Purists, where are they now? They went extinct because their doctrine just didn't work in the real world, where rationality matters.


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