Suddenly it's like I've been vacuum sealed in a place without all logic. My library is all Christian fiction, which I should've figured as it's a "Family" library. It's insane. I have to step up my game or get ready for intense verbal combat if I'm going to get out of this with my sanity intact. Either that or harbor my six years of Drama club to hone my lying skills. If all else fails, I'm starting a Secular Students group at college.


But how am I supposed to continue lying? I mean, yes, I keep holding the greater good of knowledge out in front of me like a meal for the starving, but it's getting harder. (And I apologize for the ranting nature of this blog post, but it's needed.) This is the only place that I can fully vent my frustrations about how narrow-minded and biased my entire world has become. Thank Reason I'm visiting home this weekend to see all the normal people in my family.


But to the other "closeted" or forced atheists out there, doesn't it just wrench your guts when watching some of the antics of the religious lately? I went to church this Sunday, as per my aunt's orders, and the smiling and beaming faces of the parents and the entire congregation as they sent their children into the "All the Children Come Unto Me" class was just sickening. And I might be the only one who thought it was horrifying, but watching the priest use the children as tables to "hold up his Bible" just made me furious. Everyone else thought it was cute.


Perhaps it's just because the rage is building inside of me, and clouding my judgement, but everything about this whole community just feels fake and plasticine all so the populace can scrounge for brownie points for St. Peter.


The cynic in me is quite poetic these days. Christ. I almost got caught just now. In a way this has been my "secret rebellion" of sorts, as they seem to think they've successfully converted me.


I don't know. Maybe I'm overreacting and being emotional right now. All I know is I feel sick.


Sorry if this is just a waste of your time, I just needed a space to vent without being coerced into prayer.

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Comment by Garrett Taffer on September 5, 2011 at 2:47pm

You didn't waste our time. Say what you feel.

Please read Amy L Cook's post about other issues at public libraries: 

Samantha, take this opportunity to learn what religion says and does. See how some things don't work. If you're on your way to college, then you'll have come of age to make your own decisions. Don't get upset over little things such as making table tops out of kids and placing bibles on them (I laughed, sorry). When you get your Secular Students group going, tackle the bigger issues: religion manipulating politics and laws, using fear and misinformation as tactics to manipulate minds, telling kids to not attend higher learning or study science, etc.


Good luck. Don't let it ever get to you. Watch videos with the very cool and calm Sam Harris.


Comment by Doug Reardon on September 5, 2011 at 3:04pm

Let that be a lesson to you young man, sell your soul and you'll have hell to pay;-)

Comment by Garrett Taffer on September 5, 2011 at 4:19pm

Sorry Doug, are you calling me young man or are you calling Samantha, a female, young man? I'm in my 40's and... oh wait. You're 60. I guess I am a young man...

  : -)

Comment by Alex Johnson on September 5, 2011 at 4:33pm






There is this kid I saw grow up right before my eyes. He is 16 now and gave a sermon on 'how great the Bible was', last month. I could not believe the amount of indoctrination that must have been fed to make him say that. Yet I cannot help him or anyone around; my family is even more crazy than that kid. What I think is best in scenarios such as these, is to understand the stupidity of Religion and have a good hearty laugh about it... The Thunderf00t series is highly recommended.



I do get an opportunity to pose questions to our Priest in our Church's youth meetings. These give me a good opportunity to point out faults in the Bible and then listen to some unimaginative explanation for it. But it still helps the kids around who listen and maybe a seed placed somewhere would help some kid out. I have observed that childhood indoctrinations cannot be snapped out in a few days. It better to place a meme and help it grow slow and steady.




Comment by Kairan Nierde on September 5, 2011 at 10:35pm

Heavy, heavy.  It's hard to see the kids being indoctrinated.  Shew.  Get away from the bull for a while...take a mini vaca...even if that means laying out in the sun for an hour or going to see a movie.  Just get out of your routine-the family, the library, the church-and remember that the world is bigger than their little corner.  


When you blow off some steam you'll be able to think more clearly about making some of the changes you're talking about.  Good luck.  Keep's 20% of the internet.  ;-) 


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