So i like watching this television show on history ancient aliens and just the other night i watched this video on their way on how we came to be and this had me like woah. Okay so i guess back then like 5,000,000 years ago there was such things as neanderthals (like cavemen) and so i guess they where here living and one day lets say this spaceship comes from wherever they where at and basically genetically inserted human dna or i dont know how they did it but they said the aliens wanted to start mankind for us to mine gold because aliens really loved gold or something in those words and from then on we somehow developed. So okay Darwins theory on evolution i understand now that things change over time but i really dont understand how a monkey formed into human could this be how those cave like monkey men formed into human because of aliens please explain another question can their really be some way were genetically formed from them and if so how would they have human dna to do it? So many things in the past are just signs that they where here and still are and i believe in them but im a strong believer in God. No rude comments about God i want answers about aliens.

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Comment by STEVIE NICHOLL on August 29, 2011 at 4:57am
I think this is quite possibly the WORST posting I have ever seen on this or any forum. Get a grip of reality love.
Comment by Don on August 29, 2011 at 9:37am

Please, Dara, do yourself a favor and make a strong effort to read this fine book:  WHY EVOLUTION IS TRUE, by Jerry Coyne.  You can find it in most libraries; your librarian will help you.  The more you read good writing the better you will become at writing yourself.  You have a long way to go.  When you want to engage others in a thoughtful discussion using written language, you really must learn how to express yourself more carefully.

Writing, after all, is thought made visible.  The thoughts you are trying to show us here are almost incoherent. 

Comment by anti_supernaturalist on August 29, 2011 at 3:27pm

Those not with us are against us --

No, atheists are not alien spawn. Atheists evolved on Earth and are untainted.

True believers -- xian fundies were raptured here from their many home planets. They are genetically defective beings, failed experiments in advanced DNA manipulation by a vile race of creatures called gods. Earth is a dumping ground for these bio-hazards.

Yes, as Stephen Hawking warned, aliens are malign. How does it feel to be living on a once beautiful planet, now a bio-hazard dump? That'll teach us the problems of living in a remote rural area of the cosmos.

As, no doubt, most xians are unaware of their inherent defects, we are obligated to inform them.


Do however wear protective gloves when handling their so-called "sacred" texts. Highly toxic.

the anti_supernaturalist


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