Most insidious thing about religion

The most insidious thing about religion is how it conditions our minds to believe that what we see in the world, what is right in front of us, is not real. Instead there are invisible forces manipulating what we think is reality. Reality is behind the curtain. You must believe it.

-98% of climate scientists are wrong

-evolution is a hoax

-does anyone remember when plate tectonics was a hoax? I learned that in the 70's. Don't hear that anymore though.

-we can pay the national debt without paying it

-cut taxes and the government has more money

-liberals act as badly as conservatives

-supply side economics

-Barack Obama has not compromised in the debt ceiling debate


The Faithful don't let any thing as silly as facts get in the way of what they just know is true. You can't win the argument with them because the merits don't matter. Now they've gained a lot of power and they're so faithful that they seem wholly (perhaps holy) unaware that their faith has pushed us past the environmental tipping point (yes, I think the world is entering a major environmental decline), and about to push the world into economic collapse. 


The current Republican party = cynics (Republican politicians) leading the stupids (the Tea Party) while the intelligent hide in shame


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Comment by Ron on August 6, 2011 at 2:08pm

Eradicate religion? After nuclear Armageddon, when only the cockroaches are left, there will be Catholic cockroaches, Presbyterian cockroaches, Muslim cockroaches, and they'll be fighting over shit....


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