Religious guy tried to convert me and a few friends in a Tim Hortons parking lot - very annoying.

While out on a motorcycle ride with my friend Andrea and her cousin Daniel we happened to stop off at a local coffee shop to have a coffee, chat and take a rest, Somehow the discussion of being Atheist came up. Andrea and I are both Atheists, Daniel considers himself catholic but he is gay so he says he believes but doesn't really agree with the religion.


Anyways we were chatting away about this topic inside the coffee shop and decided to go outside and hang out next to our bikes when all of a sudden this random young guy dressed up like he just came from church (it's tuesday) came over and said "Oh hey, I overheard you guy's were talking about religion in there and I would just like to see whats up?"

so being nice I said I'm Atheist but I was raised Catholic but I respect anyone's religious choice.


Then OMG this guy wouldn't shut up, he went on about Bible Versus, Creationism, How the bible is real FACT and how science is lying to us, I just let him talk while Andrea was sitting on her bike behind him laughing her ass off.. I actually zoned out for most of it

Then he started to get right stupid, talking about how if the earth was 10ft in either direction from the sun we would either freeze of fry, trying to convince us that god crated it for us, so I told him that Actoually the distance fluctuates about 5 million km so 10 feet would not matter.


then he started talking about how people with no faith would just do what they want and everyone would get murdered and raped, then stated that ever since they started teaching evolution (like what, a few hundred years ago?) there has been a steady increase in murders, rapes, the amount of people in jail because of the people not believing in god because of evolution teachings..

So I said, well maybe that has to do with the population increasing, and if you google the religious population of jails you will find that atheists make up almost none of the population while Christians and other religions make up nearly ALL of the population.. So his comeback to that was "Well, most of the information on the internet is lies anyways"


There was so much more, just imagine that you take every rage comic about stupid things religious people say in arguements, this guy pretty much covered it all.


throughout the whole thing I was being very nice and polite to him, I even shook his hand when he was done and told him it was nice talking to him..

but really, he kept us for nearly 30 min spouting off the most ridiculous things about creationism, "fact" of the bible and why it can't be wrong.

I doubt he was no older than 25.. too late to free that mind since it's already brainwashed to the max, I didn't even bother trying, I just listened and threw in a comment whenever I had a chance to speak..

I wish I was better at conversing with people or I would have just told him how he's wrong about everything, Ahh, sometimes I hate being polite..

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