Well, I just wanted to go ahead and use this time to talk about things that have been happening in my life recently that relate to atheism/religion/skepticism/etc:


1. I have a very religious friend who I'm very close to and we tend to debate the topic of religion frequently (strangely enough, our discussions are why we are so close). Right now, we are discussing morality because somehow we got to the question of what I would say to the Christian god if I happened to die and see him up there. Becuase she's my close friend and we've always talked honestly about this subject, I told her exactly what I would say to such a being considering the fact that even if he was real I would still find such a being morally repulsive. Her reply was basically that my human perspective was unable to judge god. So of course, I dragged the discussion into a version of the Euthyphro dilemma from there (if you don't know that one, here's the wiki article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euthyphro_dilemma). She's going to give me a response time later (we're doing the discussion by email right now), so I'll update with how she responds and how I intend to respond back.


2. My mother is very religious (she doesn't quite know that I'm an atheist) and is kind of suspicious of science (and yet she is glad that I'm majoring in science...she's a very strange woman, I know). I just recently got over an Illness (the doctor said that it was allergies but I'm a little skeptical of the diagnosis considering some of the symptoms and the fact that I've never had allergies) but while I was still very ill, my mother attempted to give me homeopathic cough drops. I showed her a science article that discussed and debunked homeopathy and then showed her an article about the placebo effect. I'm not sure if that was enough to convince her but at least we're having these conversations that will hopefully chip away at the many false (or at least things that I find false) things my mother believes in. What's strange is that she is allowing me to go the TAM this summer (if you don't know about that here's a link with details: http://www.amazingmeeting.com). I'm guessing she didn't notice the many speakers on the lineup that are also outspoken atheists. Btw, I don't know anyone else who is going to TAM, so if anyone here is going please let me know.


3. I happen to be one of the leaders of a fledgling atheist/agnostic/secular humanist/freethinker/etc club at my college. We've been around now for almost a year and so far we've done a couple of cool things as well (fun discussions, a trip to counter-protest the westboro baptist church, talks with the religious groups on campus, etc). I was wondering if there are any college students that are a part of an atheist/agnostic/club that could give me any advice on other events we could do. Also if there are students that go to college in Massachusetts that are a part of such groups or students go to a college that is a part of the Five College Consortium (Smith, Mount Holyoke, Hampshire, Amherst, Umass-Amherst) please contact me because I want the group to start making connections with nearby colleges.

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Comment by CJoe on June 3, 2011 at 9:52am

Great first post, Consters :) You mentioned that your friend said that the human perspective is incapable of judging God. Does she mean that humans have no place to judge God, or simply that we cannot understand? 

I've heard both arguments. They both bother me! haha

First of all, it really irks me when people say I cannot be the judge of God; no one is God's judge. I'd just like to know why not. In all of history, people judge their leaders by their actions. Judging people in authority (or deities in this case) is vital to not finding yourself under the reign of a tyrant. Any leader who sets his- or herself above the law or criticism seems like he/she has something to hide! It's almost an admission of guilt in itself. A leader with integrity would not shy away from investigation.

Further, this god is asking me to sell him my soul! He's asking for the complete submission of my life to his will. Why should I not judge the intentions of this god before surrendering my entire being to him? Why should I just blindly trust he is trustworthy? It seems awfully convenient to be told "we just cannot comprehend the mind of God!" when he commits genocide, or murders babies, or endorses selling women and children into sex-slavery, or prescribes the best way to beat your slaves. Is God really so inscrutable that these actions can really be given a positive spin somehow?!

If God were real, I would have every right to evaluate his performance. One of my arguments against unquestioned deference is that why does God deserve worship simply for being God? If he's always been here, then he doesn't get any credit for being what he's always been and can't help being. He didn't even create himself. He's just an accident and an anomaly just like the rest of us. He has no competitors... no performance standard to live up to... no one to hold him accountable to actually be a good god. There's nothing amazing about him!

Think about it. There's only one male left on the planet; that makes him the strongest man on earth. Big deal! Imagine he's a scrawny little guy on an ego trip. What would we think of this character if he started demanding everyone acknowledge his superiority because he is THE strongest man alive? It's easy to be the best when there's no one to compete with. This guy doesn't get any credit because he just is... he didn't work out... he didn't strive to be the best, or the only one... he just was.

I'm simply unimpressed with the Judeo Christian god, and the fact that he's [allegedly] the only god does even less to impress me. He needs to check his ego at the door!


Comment by Consters on June 4, 2011 at 3:44am
Thanks for your comment Carla. My friend was saying more of that we simply can't understand. Yeah, the defense that we can't understand falls short particularly because of the sacrifices we are supposed to make to this deity. If we don't have enough understanding to say that this God is worthy of cursing then we don't have enough understanding to say that this God is worth of praise either.


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