Theisits who use sience to disprove the "rapture" but not the bible...

Obviously the end of the world did not occur on the 21st, but of course some of those people who believe and follow Camping believe these tornadoes in the mid west are the start of the rapture and a volcano erupting... blah blah blah... But how are Christians using science to disprove this when they continue to ignore science when it comes to the bible?


How dare Christians who believe in the bible claim that the volcano erupting was due to plate tectonics and that tornadoes are typical this time of the year yet totally believe that a man can walk on water and 2 of every animal can fit on a boat.


It just baffles me that they pick and choose when to believe in science based facts...

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Comment by Horacio Martinez on May 25, 2011 at 10:01pm

I Agree.

I Think It's Completely Ridiculous When Religious People Use Science When It Benefits Their Beliefs.

But The Moment Science Is Used To Prove Them Wrong, They Completely Ignore It.

Comment by sr on May 26, 2011 at 1:23am
i agree they love science to help save there live and to have a better life but hait it when it disproves there religoes belifes.


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