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I thought I would make something of an introductory blog post. I come here looking for like minded people, because as of now there is a distinct lack of those in my life. I am a rising Junior at NC State University, and even in the college setting the bible belt is dominated by pretty hardcore Christians. I grew up in a rural part of NC where although my family didn't ever really go to church I was exposed to religion frequently so it seemed to be the norm. Early on I questioned the bible and its discrepancies with things I learned in school, as the things I learned in school seemed to be much more logical than the magic portrayed in the bible. As I grew older my distant relationship with the church was aggravated as various girlfriend dragged me to their Baptist churches. This exposed me to many more themes about the church I disliked and took me from just looking through the fence to climbing on it. Once I entered college I hoped that things would improve, but at the same time knew it was unlikely being in NC. Even though I am in engineering, most of my friends from home who I still hung around with were agrisci majors, so I got exposed to other agrisci majors who are equally as religious. Religion caused major strain in a 2 year romantic relationship that finally ended at the end of my Freshmen year, it was never cited as the reason it ended but we both knew that it was. The demise of that relationship combined with a relationship with the first atheist friend I had ever made, one of my dorm suite-mates, threw me to the other side of the fence. Unfortunately I cannot say I am happier over here in atheist-land, I am still "closeted" as that seems to be the popular term to describe it. The only people who know about my lack of religion are common friends of that atheist from Freshmen year, a few disconnected/distant friends,  and you guys. If my roommates found out (one of whom is my best friend of a decade)  I fear with reason that they would ask me to leave, and my mother might just drop over dead if she found out I am not "a believer". I am still struggling to find like minded friends, let alone potential romantic partners with similar beliefs, or who is at least tolerant of my opinion. Anyway. I'm glad I found the site, and welcome any feedback you guys/gals may have.

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Comment by Daniel on May 17, 2011 at 9:41pm

Hang in there man. I took a slightly different path and enlisted in the Air Force for four years and it wasn't any better. Constantly surrounded by prayers and religious platitudes in Power point presentations. I luckily found one friend that was an atheist whom I could joke with and then a self-proclaimed Christian best friend that was religious only in principal and family tradition. And that's all I really needed. Two people that accepted me for who I am.

As far as relationships go that's a tough one. I was also lucky enough to find a girl who believes but isn't overly religious and accepts me as I am. I think that's the biggest thing man; don't compromise your standards for people that wouldn't accept you otherwise. I'm in the camp that feels that a couple of quality friends is way better than bunch of acquaintances.  I now live in Bum Fuck Ohio and disbelief is rare around here also, but I have already found someone that is a very strong Atheist. You just gotta keep looking and keep being awesome.

Hope this helps. Send a message anytime you need a sane person to bounce stuff off of.



Comment by Gerald Scott on May 17, 2011 at 9:45pm
Welcome Chris.  I would loved to know what to tell you.  It has taken a long time but, most of my friends are non believers.  You will find them, I'm sure.  They're out there and they're looking for you too.  Stay in the closet if you must, and feel you way around.  You're one of the 15% now.
Comment by Doug Reardon on May 17, 2011 at 9:56pm
Just remember, no matter where you go, here you are.
Comment by Scarlette Blues on May 17, 2011 at 11:57pm

Welcome! :) I live in SC so I know how you feel. You should see if your college offers has any secular-type clubs. If so, you'd could find a lot of like-minded friends that way! Good luck to ya! 




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