Protecting Muslim Girls From Rape is Now a Crime in Europe

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this article should scare everyone around the world who believes that all human life is valuable and equal and should not be bound by the beliefs of any particular religious bent.


here is the beginning..


Freedom of speech and women’s rights just took a major hit in Denmark earlier today when the public prosecutor found Lars Hedegaard, the President of the Danish (and International) Free Press Society, guilty of “hate speech” under section 266b of the Danish penal code.

Hedegaard’s crime was to note “the great number of family rapes in areas dominated by Muslim culture in Denmark.”

The prosecutor’s crime is far greater. Now, courtesy of this prosecution, it is officially “racist” to tell the truth about sexual violence against women in Denmark, at least when that violence is perpetrated by Muslim fathers, uncles, or cousins.


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Comment by Sassan K. on May 4, 2011 at 3:50pm

Albert: You like to deny the truth, that is fine. Read the article before discounting it just because it is on a "Horowitz" site. Horowitz has provided reliable news and not just innuendo. Use your neurons and brain cells instead of discounting things because of your preconceived notions.

James, in my opinion, in the United States none of this will ever fly due to our rock-solid constitution. I truly believe we have the best and most solid constitution in the world thanks to the likes of Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and Benjamin Franklin.

Comment by james d on May 4, 2011 at 3:52pm

it has been wrong to confront religious leaders with truth for many many centuries going back to the days when you were stoned by the mob for speaking the name of god or speak against the guy in charge.. the papists have a healthy love of burning, torturing and killing heretics and truth speakers.. this is scary as it is now being pushed by radicals and being turned into laws which seek to oppress truth.

as i see it.

Comment by Albert Bakker on May 4, 2011 at 3:53pm

"I can't even think because my blood is at boiling point."

Think you for pointing out the purpose of the propaganda.


Comment by Sassan K. on May 4, 2011 at 3:53pm
-Our bigger issue is our immigration influx of illegal hispanic immigrants in which if we don't change our laws in the ways that Europe has to combat their Islamic population, will result in a Mexico-America in the next 70 years and an end to American western culture. The birth rates of whites vs. hispanics is outrageous; in particular with our outrageous immigration laws in which children of illegal immigrants automatically become American citizens; but these sorts of cases such as the one you posted is def. issues and cases we as western people must defend western liberalism and values every chance we get and not be afraid to criticize barbaric and primitive cultures when they start to encroach on our basic values of human rights, liberty, and liberalization for all women regardless of religion or "culture". As the leaders of the U.K., Germany, and France have said: multiculturalism has failed!
Comment by Albert Bakker on May 4, 2011 at 3:55pm
Alright, alright I'll shut up now with the interfering of a good hate session. Carry on. I shall not comment any further, there's no need to censor me in the name of freedom of speech.
Comment by Sassan K. on May 4, 2011 at 4:01pm
James, what I do love about our laws is that you cannot harm someone else's rights or liberty just because of your religious affiliation in this country. In doing so, you violate the laws of our land. I have the most faith in our constitution; not so much in our politicians.
Comment by james d on May 4, 2011 at 4:08pm

Sassan: James, in my opinion, in the United States none of this will ever fly due to our rock-solid constitution. I truly believe we have the best and most solid constitution in the world thanks to the likes of Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and Benjamin Franklin.

I agree with this point! i also believe that the current revisionist theme coming from the religious right places this directly in the cross-hairs of their efforts. as it is now, the constitution provides for division of church and state, yet small cracks are seen in  places like the pledge of allegiance which now includes "one nation under God" which is a clear violation of the constitution. All federal buildings which display christian symbols in december are in violation of the constitution as well. "In God We Trust" defies the constitution yet is allowed to be on the legal tender without recourse.

these may seem small but they are a precedent upon which the revisionist right is hoping to continue and assert it's mandate upon the country. When they can stand up and lie to the American public about the origins of the constitution and its authors, how can they be trusted with the future of the country?

As a Canadian, i can also say, Multi-culturalism has been an utter and complete failure, but will never be re-visited because NO ONE wants to offend the people who seek shelter in it.

Equality for all should be the only mandate we pursue.


thanks for your thoughts! they are appreciated.

Comment by james d on May 4, 2011 at 4:09pm
Albert, your thoughts are welcome as well, this forum is open to all beliefs and perspectives, just keep the hate down and the personal attacks out... thoughts are a good part of ourselves that should be shared with all.
Comment by Akshay Bist on May 4, 2011 at 4:20pm

I think the only reason multi-culturalism has failed is because of the people who move into other countries aren't ready to leave the antiquated traditions of their culture which are at odds with the life style of their adopted country. They aren't open to the culture they are moving to. Its pretty much like they want the money & comforts of western life but want to keep their antiquated traditions.

I think that westerners who move to the east to learn more about the culture or adopt it fit in better because they are more open to the new culture they move into.

Comment by james d on May 4, 2011 at 4:29pm

the experience here has been the culture of the people that arrive often conflicts in many ways with the laws of the land. i will give you an example from our history.

as a white man, i cannot carry a knife into our Parliament buildings, our court houses or our arenas and the like. BUT a sikh can say his knife is religious, and walk right in. why does his religion supersede my rights? what gives religion more freedom of expression and more protection under law than me?

that is what people struggle with when you talk about multi-culturalism. they constitute a small minority of the people in canada, yet they are treated much differently than i am. why do the laws of the land need to change to accommodate their belief system while further limiting my right to equality under the law?


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