i need to say, I am a pagan i believe in the power of the universe-not as a god. it is my way to say i see the whole universe not merely created by someone/something. the universe or our part of the universe is here through a massive energy. i appreciate the earth and respect it since at the present time it is the only place we as humans can live, i should earthlings. i look at all things as part of the origin of the universe. my higher power, i attend al-anon, is everything even the comments from people on this site, in my pagan group, where i see to understand life. am i an atheist in a sense i am a agnostic.
when you look at what is to be the study of witchcraft it includes understand the origins of things and how the environment can help us. I prefer the natural to the synthetic-i appreciate science, in reality some of the science we talk about has it origins with those who were consider to be put into the same mold of a scientist or worse a pagan to the religious. being a pagan is being someone who looks to what we have to give us health, hope, and well happiness. i have found a lot in the atheist community on how to look at what is reality and what is not.
i am saying this in response to wicca-god-patch to point out that if you look at ideas and concepts of humanities need for answers you gain from it, even from the book religions or other systems of trying to find the answers. it was and is the way i have found myself here to understand.

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Comment by Apple on April 28, 2011 at 3:50pm
I'm honestly not sure what you are trying to say.
Comment by Axcella Marie Zelensky on April 28, 2011 at 5:41pm


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