so there is no life without earth and if "god" created the earth, it's obviously our "greatest gift", so why do christians participate in an economic system that destroys it? we are depleting our natural resources at an astronomical rate all to chase the dollar. soon, nothing will be left for future generations. if i were christian, i would think this to be unforgivable. and not only that, we have to worry about overpopulation, so you would think a responsible christian would have no more than 1 offspring right now to help prolong or prevent the inevitable.

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Comment by Justin Walton on April 27, 2011 at 3:52pm
I have asked my overly religious co-worker about some of these things, and he just believes god will always provide enough resources for humanity.    Which is insane, since if there was a god it doesn't provide for all of humanity now.
Comment by james d on April 27, 2011 at 5:12pm

sin is one of the toughest aspects of religion that i have thought about. how could a god who claims to love us create us as sinful? it seems that sin is defined by many aspects of normal situations. in some places, sin is defined by laws that seem to arise out of either religious texts or philosophy or from some moral code defined by the culture you live in. for an example, nude sunbathing is not even noticed in most of the world, yet in the 'religiously' pure America, it is immoral to participate. IF sin is to be used by religions as a universal measurement, then all things should be right or wrong in all cultures to prove the concept to be universal. sadly, that is not the case.


it has always amused me that christians in particular have no conscience when it comes to environmental issues trusting in 'god's will' to validate thier self-centered lifestyle. as the world crisis comes to the oil sector, it will be interesting to watch them park thier god-given suv's and walk everywhere.

sin, ultimately, is a man made concept to justify a position on a topic. right and wrong are not the same beliefs. we define both based largely on culture and experience while sin seems to be defined by some angry deity far removed from our lives passing judgement on something... like worshipping other gods... nice! call yourself god, then tell everyone that doesn't worship you they are doomed!

morality and immorality are not sin or a lack thereof. they are concepts of right and wrong based on ethics and standards that are accepted by the society they apply to. Since most of the world's loudest christians are on the north american continent, it is very easy for me to see why they have little concern for true social issues such as the environment and overpopulation. there is NO responsibilty to be taken when it is "god's will" that others should suffer though they have more than they will ever need. does the word sin apply here?


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