Religion is going to be the death of us!

As you know, we Atheists get asked a lot why we care so much about religion if we don't believe in it. Well, the topic of discussion in my Biodiversity class today may shed some light on it. We were discussing the fact that we may be reaching the carrying capacity of the earth, if we haven't already.

My thoughts: f we do nothing, nature will cull the herd for us, in the form of disease, famine, etc, not to mention the effects of climate change. So what does this have to do with religion? It is my heartfelt conviction that religion is going to end up being the death of the human species, and not only us, we will take every other living breathing thing down with us.

How? Why? Well, what does religion teach(preach)? That none of this matters because Jesus is coming back soon. We have elected officials in Congress saying that we should not worry about climate change because God promised Noah never to destroy the earth again.This philosophy, if you can call it that, is not only dangerous, but incredibly short sighted and selfish.Why do I care? Because I have children and will have grandchildren some day. I'm worried for posterity.

Let me turn Pascal's Wager on it's head. By betting on Jesus returning soon, you're betting not only only your own life but mine too and also the life of your children and grandchildren and their children and grandchildren and mine too.  You're saying that you're so sure you're right that you're willing to risk the entire future of humanity and the earth.

And for what? All because of a 2000+ year old mythology. I have lost Facebook friends, including family, for even mentioning this stuff. Apparently, I'm the dickhead because I think we should pull our heads out of our collective asses and start caring about what we're doing.  Beliefs, just like votes, have consequences. It is not a matter of you having the right to your own personal beliefs, as if you exist in a vacuum, completely set off from society and the world at large. Your beliefs have consequences because you vote. Truth matters.  I personally don't care if I hemmorhage FB friends all the way down to 1, as long as that one person is listening. Are you listening?

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Comment by John on April 27, 2011 at 6:31pm
Similar experience here. I've never bought into any of that religion hogwash but recently I've been learning about all of the problems that people who act on their faith are causing and I've become more outspoken with my beliefs. You really end up learning who your friends are once you start rocking the boat a bit. It's pretty tough to make people see the catastrophic consequences of our current situation but the best we can do is keep educating ourselves and others. Keep up the good work! :)


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