The royal family ignores church crimes

It is less than 2 weeks before Prince William and Kate Middleton get married and I really wouldn’t care if I wasn’t so disgusted by not just the hype (I might need one of these) but the example the royal family is setting in allowing  the Church of England preside over their wedding. With plenty of help from media across the world the royal family will be reminding everyone that some people are better then others because of who their parents are and what religion they practice.

The royal wedding itself, outside of being an outlandishly expensive, overly-hyped wedding of two people born into privilege, is being held in the Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster (also known as Westminster Abbey) and officiated by Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of London, Richard Chartres. I have a list of questions for the royal family:

  • Have they forgotten about the Catholic Church’s history of violence, war and slaughter of innocent people?
  • Do they care about the tyrannical oppression of other religions and minorities?
  • Do they understand the Church of England never did anything about the merciless conquering of the Zulus, East Indians and whoever else stood in England’s way?
  • Do they know about the horrible violence, extinction and land robbing of the First Nations people committed by members the Church of England?
  • What about what happened to first nations children in Anglican residential schools?

The history of carnage, murder and mayhem would take an entire library to document. Even up to the time of the writing of this article sex abuse and cover-ups and other controversies routinely taint the Church of England. Either the royal family doesn’t care or has forgiven the Church of England for its unforgivable crimes. The royal wedding spectacle also manages to tell between 11 and 12 million people in England who aren’t Christian or even Catholic (and this according to 2001 census data) that their religion is not good enough for the royalty of their country.

I very much support anyone’s right to get married and be happy and I wish the royal couple all the happiness any human being deserves. It just seems obvious to any thinking person that the choice of venue is of despicable taste. The royal family should be ashamed of themselves for their not so subtle approval of the crimes committed by the Church of England and shame on the media for glorifying it.

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Comment by elaine kilshaw on April 20, 2011 at 8:37am

 Not only do we not question the royal family and why they are so privileged because us 'Commoners'should keep our place, only joking of course..

 So many of my friends and acquaintances in UK are not going to watch any part of the Royal wedding. The cost of security to the tax payer is going to hit the roof.



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