My generation has been dubbed "the millenials" because we seem to have "come of age" [roughly] in the first decade or so of the new millenium. I am in the "generation y" part of this large generation of young people who face a problem that our parents didn't face to nearly the degree we do now. Funding College. In America it doesn't seem to matter whether the millenial kids go to public or private 4-year colleges, make no mistake! Unless you are REALLY poor, REALLY lucky, or REALLY a "when pigs fly" prodigy, you will be shoveling boatloads of money out your door [or piling a mountain of debt on your head and getting collection calls in 5 years or so.].


When I told a European of the "average" cost of a PUBLIC college full-time, live-on-campus, tuition for 1 YEAR, he was floored.... [the average is estimated at about $30,000 - for 1 year]. Projected out four years, you get almost $100,000 [which is not including expenses on textbooks, food [except... if you're lucky, it might include a dining hall plan], clothing, cell phones, technological requirements, medicine [prescription, doctors, non-prescription], and gas/ car payments. Yep! You can see why we lose sleep.

My parents say they want to pay for all three of their children's tuitions, but I think they're dreaming [not to be pessimistic]. The projected [but never spoken about] cost of this would be close to [if not] half a million dollars.


We DO try for financial aid. But... while federal student loans are easy enough to get - they will come back to bite you in the ass later. Grants are nearly impossible for middle class students to get. And unless you're extremely lucky or over-the-top talented at something, scholarships [if you can get them] amount to peanuts.

For example... lets say you have to pay $30,000 a year for tuition and managed to get a $3,000 a semester "good grades in high school" scholarship. That's all well and nice... but for a year, the scholarship will pay only $6,000. On what planet is that enough to make even a dent in a $30,000 tuition? Okay so we're down to $24,000... big difference right? lol


I'm attending a community college part time right now. I don't qualify for scholarships and the government took one look a the "withdrawl" semester when I was in the hospital, and threatened to take away my student loan capabilities.


Still.... I guess it could be worse.

As a part-time student my parents shell out $136 per credit hour. [since most classes at my community college are 3 credit hours... triple that]

If you go full time you would pay $1,621 a quarter if you're in state.



I guess that's better than my brother who goes to one of the nation's biggest public colleges, Ohio State University [student population - 60,000 last I checked].

As an Ohio Resident my brother's tuition will be around $19,584 a year


If I continue with my current plan to transfer as a full-time student to the university of cincinnati, my tuition will become between $20,000 and $25,000


Where's the sanity? *sigh* 

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