Let me start by saying that I am not from the US, but as I know most of the readers of this (great) site are from there, I am going to write it as if I were from the US of A.


Now, why is it that the prejudice stands at thinking of atheists as democrats? Why is it that conservatives are only thought of as being Bible-belt, Jesus-loving, creationist simpletons?


I consider myself a libertarian atheist. In all things "social" I would indeed be closer to democrats' views... but in all economic/political views, I am much closer to conservative views. Let's see: I am pro-choice (re. abortion) but also pro-gun carrying; I am pro-evolution and anti-religion, but also Obama-bashing (there, I said it... regardless of color, he is simply, plain useless); I am for small government and anti-terrorism, but I am also anti-death penalty. I admire Reagan and Lincoln and think Carter and Obama are the worst presidents in the last 100 years in the US... yet I am an atheist.


I wonder if I am alone out there... anyone with similar world views?


Thanks for reading!

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Comment by Ryan E. Hoffman on March 9, 2011 at 1:47pm

So? I admire Reagan for the good he did, which obviously overcame his shortfalls. It's manicheist to only look at the bad (as it is looking at the good, of course)... so if you excuse me, I will still call myself libertarian... and still admire The Gipper.

Shortfall... you do realize that his AIDS denialism resulted in the deaths of millions of people, right? That's a shortfall to you?


You do realize that by allowing major corporations to dictate government policy he began the annihilation of the free market, which is a staple of the Libertarian ideology, right?

You do realize he raised taxes on Social Security, right?

There is NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING, Reagan could have done to offset all the heinous decisions he made as a president in relation to Libertarian viewpoints. So please do not call yourself a Libertarian and then say you admire Reagan. He was a neocon and an authoritarian. They are mutually exclusive and you will only make yourself and the rest of us look silly by declaring such a thing.



Just a question: what are your sources or your inspirations for calling yourself a Libertarian?


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