God 4.0 = Yahweh + Upgraded Followers

     It is well known that Jews consider their god to be 1.0, Christians have god 2.0 now with Jesus, and Muslims think they are 3.0 since their doctrine acknowledges and addresses both prior religions.  So I got to wondering what 4.0 would look like.

     I'm a bit of a computer geek so whenever I think of the future I always liked the Terminator movies/plot bu t I never was able to understand exactly how the robots went from thinking one person is evil to thinking that all people are evil, or from needing to kill a person to needing to kill everyone.  In my opin ion the movie did not convincingly enough explain how the computers made this leap of faith.  But I still really enjoyed the movie, all of them, and will watch any new ones that come out.  Then I started wondering why I started thinking about all this Terminator stuff to begin with, but then it got me to thinking about an idea I had a while back about religion.


     I had the idea a couple months ago.  Its about heaven, I have never been completely fooled by the mythical biblical sky fairy version of heaven with gold roads and all that non-sense, I had some moments in my adolescent years, but luckily they never got me.  So I decided to think of a new way for Heaven to exist logically, a real one.  After all, it would have to be convincing, and what better way to convince people than to make ti real.  There has to be a way to at least make a real version similar enough in purpose to the biblical one to call it the same thing.  Right now, religious people read an ancient scripture and find a version of heaven that they want to believe in, or they just believe in the one they were told about.  Then they find out what they have to do to get in this heaven, and they try to do the things they can to get in.  The only problem is that it doesn't exist, a bunch of people doing a bunch of stuff that actually doesn't get anyone any closer to any real heaven.  I got to thinking maybe the religious worshipers and believers are holding us back from finding the real heaven.  There are a lot of extremely dedicated religious people out there, with great minds.  Millions of people donate ungodly amounts of money every Sunday.  I started thinking that if religious people all donated their efforts and money towards science, it may progress our understanding of the brain to such a complete full blueprint that we know exactly how everything inside it works, why it works, and all the details. Then we might be able to use that information to download our conscience out of our brain before we die and put us on a computer somewhere and let us be hooked up to the Internet so we can still chat with people and email people and other activities.  All kinds of questions arise, one of the biggest is, would you still have a soul?  My answer, since I currently do not believe in such a thing, if the transfer all worked well, and your hardware is sound, if you thought you had a soul before, then you should still think you have one now for the same reason, or find a new one, I would not care.

     But then I got to thinking that you might have to pay for your hosting before you die, or you could get deleted, but no one is actually goin g to just delete you right off, after all, if data finds its way onto a rented server and the person leaves the data on the server and quits paying the bill, whose data is it?  Is it like a house where the owner can sell the data to recoup some of t he cost of the loss?  If this data is a persons conscience and is active you can get them to do  work to e arn the money to pay for their hosting or at least earn their freedom each month by paying their server rent with money they earned from time consuming labor.  Then you may wind up with slavery of dead people, like tell them if they do so much work you will put them on a robot and set them free, and keep scamming them , make their robot break down no matter what after a certain number of miles so they have to eventually  get more money to buy  another one.  What if it got so annoying hearing from your great great great great great grandparents and every relative in between that society as a whole decided to shut them off?  Or if people who are dead and have nothing better to do keep making malicious viruses or code and trying to get the real world to be a different place even though they are not a part of it....  These consciousnesses are human, so they will still be susceptible to the same flaws real humans are, all of them, could you imagine if a bunch of them started taking up religion?  Say one large group of them uses th e say bible Christians use now, after all its the one statistically a lot of them will have believed in when they were alive despite all evidence pointing otherwise.  They will see it as they are in heaven, and that they were brought up to believe in the rapture, and that the people still on earth are the left over sinners waiting for judgment day or some crazy shit like that, and what if they think they have to protect the computer from the sinners who may want to shut heave off, war unfolds between the dead and the undead.  Maybe they would defeat us, but let us live as long as we obey their laws they give us.


     They use the robots of the future to build robot angels of death to come down and strike vengeance on mankind when ever they are bad.  Crush entire groups of resistance.  The kinds of people who get do everything they gotta do at this point to get into heaven when they die are the kinds of people who will do anything to make sure people cant shut it off or screw it up for them.  and since they would have a grips on our education system, and be our teachers and professors, a trade you will have to die before you can master at that point.  control of the monetary system since its completely online and after you die if you get into heaven you get to keep your money and keep collecting debts from live people, all that.

     Then the Amish people come in and save our asses, break the big 'devil' computer that has us enslaved, the computers did not see it coming. the computes do not think its logical for people to live that way, and by design they can not imagine people living completely 'off the grid' even without power.  So then all we have are the Amish who are not going to let no anyone foster any knowledge other than theirs or they will kill you or make you leave their camp which might be the same thing as killing you by this point since they got the food, and protection mid-evil style.  It would be strictly no technology, no new literature, no nothing, after all, they did save you and it was your way that got you into trouble.  Go make arrows till you die or die might be one possible outcome.

     Just as a side thought, maybe this already happened, maybe, as others have suggested, that we crash landed on this planet.  But then i got to thinking maybe our space ship was broke down but the computer still worked, everyone was so used to getting their knowledge from the millions of people who no longer had physical bodies that they did not take the time to carry books or other learning type equipment.  In fact there would be a lot of things in life that you would no longer have to learn how to do until your dead, for example being a teacher, why do it when your alive, you could wait till you die and teach kids through the computer for eternity, however they want.  But then the computer broke, no one alive knew how to fix it, and they could not ask the dead, so it all got lost and went away.  Except the stories, and rumors, and what today are called myths and just non-sense, stories about stuff like heaven.  You never know, my idea of heaven actually works a lot more like the one the bible proposes than the heaven that the religious people believe they are going to go to actually works.



     But what about the people in the computer that got shut off?  A broken computer does  not necessarily get its data deleted.  Millions of people in there that all want to have control again over the human race again, if  for n othing else to make sure they never get shut off again. Just waiting for the right person to  walk by and turn it on.  So when we discover them again they offer us what what seems like heaven but turns out to be a way to eventually enslave our children.          Maybe that is what the bible is every time someone cracks it open for the first time thinking that it has all the answers.  It might just be a bunch of dead people trying not to be forgotten by  controlling a world they are not even in, by promising us heaven if we enslave our children to to the practice of keeping the myth alive.

     I thought all this could be a pretty good movie.  You tell me, it is your world, I just hope that I am living in it somewhere.  Please do not turn this science fiction religious hybrid story into a new religious doctrine for Scientology.  ** Just as a disclaimer, this story was not written or inspired by an omnipotent being, god, ghost, spirit, or demon(Sounds like a silly thing for me to do, but our world would be a better place if all authors of crazy stories would have acknowledged that clearly enough).

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Comment by CJoe on March 8, 2011 at 12:21am

I have a feeling you might really, really enjoy this anime series:


Comment by CJoe on March 8, 2011 at 12:25am
lol oh yeah, that might be NSFW
Comment by Morgan Matthew on March 8, 2011 at 12:25am
Ghost in the shell is a good start.


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