It can seem like such an elusive concept.

It flits through your life like a drunken butterfly, that try as you might.... you just cannot capture.

Take a deep breath.... because you are about to receive the key to the kingdom of happiness. And once you have it, you'll realize you don't have to clench it tightly in your hand to keep it, or camper after the butterfly anymore.

Happiness will seek you out, land gently on your shoulder, and stay there for the rest of your atural born days.

And here's the really wondrous thing about the transforming power of lasting happiness....

* It's not about living cautiously.... it's about living passionately.

* It's not about getting.... it's about giving.

* It's not about you.... it's about them.

* It's not about having financial backing.... but you must make an investment.

* It's not about being rich.... but it can make you wealthy beyond measure.

So tell me now... What is your key to happiness?

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Comment by Nix Manes on September 26, 2009 at 8:44am
I also agree somewhat with CaraColeen: "'Learning' is my key to calm satisfaction." Continually keeping my mind active and learning something new as often as possible is a really nice way to keep my happiness from dropping too much. But I do think there's more to consider.

I like the idea of the "pursuit of happiness" a great deal, actually. The pursuit itself brings joy, too. Once a person reaches a goal there can be a huge emotional crash after the initial rush of accomplishment. Achievement needs to be continual to bring a more stable state of happiness, or what CaraColeen called "calm satisfaction."

For me, continually adding to the variety of life's experiences is key. Doing new things, meeting new people, finding new information, etc. is exhilarating. Doing the same things over and over is a huge downer.

Another big thing for me is to get people to open up and talk to me. This is only pleasant if the other person really wants to do so at some level and you give them the opening. Letting someone express their emotions and thoughts in an comfortable, relaxed and trusting environment is so nice. This helps the other person achieve some happiness, but helps me too...the whole "giving" and "helping others" thing. And it costs nothing! I do like the happiness I get out of helping other people. It's a bit selfish, but a symbiotic interaction or relationship is supposed to be that way.

Thanks for getting me to think about this, Sophie!
Comment by Misty: Baytheist Living! on September 26, 2009 at 9:03am
Happiness for me is doing things I enjoy, and appreciating what I have once I strive for it an earn it.
All my life, I've trashed the things that came easy to me. It wasn't until I had to work for 'things' that things became important. When they became important, I started to take real joy in them. That joy comes from the appreciation of having them after the struggle of not having them.
Sometimes the anticipation is just as good as the getting, too....Like the energy and excitement before a really popular movie? Sure, Spiderman 3 was shit, but I had a great time standing in line with all the other fans, talking, laughing, looking at the costumes and stuff.

BTW, for me 'things' aren't necessarily material objects. I move a lot, so I purge my entire possession cache at least once every six months. Things that aren't essential are too expensive to be shipped. Things can mean anything from E-books to courses I've wanted to take to little vacations in new places. Sometimes it's something new for my diving kits, but mainly it's experiences, not toys.
I barely showed up for college because my aunt paid for it. When I'm dropping three grand for a two week class, you better believe my ass is there on time, and I'm asking questions, taking notes and getting every ounce of education out of it that I can.
As cheesedicked as this sounds, for me it is true.
Living in the moment.

I'm just as happy petting the neighbors dog as I am my own. I also don't have to clean poop out of my back yard or replaced chewed up shoes.
I borrow happiness.
Walking in a park or garden that someone else had to take care of...
Swimming in a pool I don't have to clean......

Small things. They add up.


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