PG-13 (Not very clear on if I had to put that there or not...but yes this has swears in it)

Think about it. You have a child. You raise that child, you love that child. That child would come back from school with a drawing they made for you. Your child would look up to you and come to you when they are crying. Then, one day, they come out to you.

Then it all just dissapears.

All the drawings, all the tear stained shirts, all the photos and the old toys...they mean nothing to you because your kid is now a "queer" I've heard about parents who have kicked the kid out because of this, or have just pushed them around all the time.

Then at school they get teased by the friends they thought would be supportive. They get bullied, fisically and emotionally. Everyone keeps telling them that the feelings that they just can't help are wrong.

And then you see these poor kids who were drived to commiting suicide. I thought at this point, maybe the world would wake up a little. This is how wrong I was:

Now here is what I have to say to anyone who agrees with that douchebag.

Seriously? These are kids. KIDS. And you are against these kids being gay because its a sin. Then there poor kids died for nothing.

I remember a conversation I once had with my Father's old friend. We were talking about religion. I said why can't God just make us born to be unable to sin. He told me God loves us enough to give us freewill. I didn't respond because if I did, it would have been rude. What I really wanted to say was "That's bull."

I cannot, simply CANNOT stress this enough. These were KIDS. KIDS! They had so much ahead of them. Marriage, kids, a family, a LIFE. And you ruined it for them. You say "I just want them to keep it to themselves" Oh, okay. And while your at it, don't kiss your girlfriend goodbye on the doorstep every morning. That may be a fair trade, but I don't think you'll do it.

There is NOTHING wrong with being gay. NOTHING. Anyone who says there is doesn't know what the f they are talking about.

When I was a kid, I heard about sins and saw that I hadn't even heard all of them yet. I didn't want to follow God's rules. I was scared of God.

To all the kids who are suicidal because they are not accepted, please, don't kill yourself. Look up the It Gets Better Project. I do hope it will help you.

And to all the people who put these kids down...f you. Seriously. You have problems. See a therapist.

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Comment by Lindsey on November 7, 2010 at 2:03am
It's inexcusable to disown your own child simply because they don't conform to your beliefs. If you can't love your children, unconditionally, no matter how much you disagree with them, then you have absolutely no business ever having children in the first place. People who value ideology over their own family shouldn't be allowed to raise kids.
Comment by Hillary Spencer on November 7, 2010 at 9:30am
Neal I'm sure the parents of the 5 gay children who killed themselves due to ignorance and religious stupidity wouldn't revere him.
But, these ppl screaming "homosexuality is a sin" most of them don't know what it's like to struggle with same sex attraction. Knowing that your family friends think and tell you its wrong and the insecurity that follows from that brainwashing. My heart is breaking for these families of the gay youth that are taking there lives. They need acceptance.
And Lindsey I agree 1000% if you can't love your children then you don't deserve them.
Comment by Jewelz on November 7, 2010 at 6:19pm
You'll be happy to know Clint McCance resigned on Monday. I'm sure he's had a helluva couple weeks.


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