The implications of life elsewhere for religion?

As I am not religious in anyway, shape or form, (thank God), so to me I would simply find aliens of whatever description to be an extension of life, and in no way an earth shattering discovery. The religious on the others hand, could take it any number of ways. They would have to decide...

1) …if those beings were simple organisms, or primitive creatures.

  • Would they be considered subservient to man, and therefore retain their special place in Gods plan?
  • Would this mean that the universe still retains the Earth as the place where God created those in his image?

2) …if those beings were actually on an equal intellectual level with ourselves.

  • Would they also be children of God?
  • How would they explain any cultural or moral differences between the species?
  • Did God simply send Christ to Earth, or all of the planets with his little creations on?
  • Why doesn’t the bible mention his other creations on other planets?

3) …if those beings were way more powerful than us?

  • Do we welcome them as our new overlords, Kent Brockman style?
  • Why would God forsake us with this relatively limited knowledge?
  • Is it a test from God?
  • Are they demons?
  • If we pray hard enough will they go away?
  • Why does the laser beam hurt?
  • Did God create them too?
  • Did he make them before, or after us?
  • Are we one of many God projects?
  • Why didn’t he mention them in the bible?
  • Did they know Christ?
  • Do they simply say “La, la, la, la, la, la” whilst thumbing a string of rosemary beads?
  • Do they convert to their religion, if they have one?
  • What if they don’t have one, and are atheists, realising many millennia ago that Gods are silly, do they agree, and embrace rationalism, or do they start a little holy war, and pretend to be the French resistance?
  • Do they rewrite the bible, with a chapter written by John, or Paul, all about the alien folks…
  • OR, did God do it?

I’d like to discovered alien life simply to see what the religious do!

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Comment by Jon Heim on November 7, 2010 at 1:40am
haha nice.
Comment by Lindsey on November 7, 2010 at 2:11am
They'd probably just end up rationalizing and making up lame excuses and then send their missionaries into space to bring the light of Jesus into the hearts of those poor, unsaved extraterrestrials. Inevitably, the aliens will figure out that the universe is a better place without us kooky earthlings in it and either end up going all 'War of the Worlds' on our asses, or turn us into a travelling space-circus sideshow to be mocked and laughed at by more enlighteded civillizations.
Comment by Lindsey on November 7, 2010 at 2:13am
*enlightened, not enlighteded. Never type while drunk.


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