Believe it or not, this is the last thing I expected...

I am at my last school before college. It's just the beginning of the year. It's a small school, only 8 kids including me. My atheism came up in conversation once, I thought they wouldn't remember it. They talk about their churches and what they do there. All. The Time. I was starting to get used to it, until one kid said "At my church we watched this video that says when an atheist comes up to you and gives you proof that God doesn't exist, it's actually like, proof that he does exist." Yes, I quote. I was a little pissed at the comment, and I made just a little sigh. And I mean, little, then suddenly all the kids stare at me. This one girl who was one inch in front of me turned around and gave me a look that could kill if she wanted it to. And that is just an example! There are a lot of hints from them that say to me that they hate me. Because I'm an atheist. I know you would say "They're jerks! Who needs them?" But remember it's a school with just me and 7 other kids. It's eating me alive. Any advice?

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Comment by Becca on September 23, 2010 at 12:45pm
Maybe you could make a quick informative video or give some sort of informative speech/presentation on what exactly atheism is and what it isn't. I don't see how giving them information about atheism could backfire it may get some of them to start thinking and at least hopefully alleviate some of the negative stereotypes they maybe holding. I'd personally wouldn't debate them though that would almost certainly backfire without a good moderator. I'd just stick wit presenting the facts whenever you can about whatever the topic is that you are working on in class.


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