I came across a new expression recently, 'Torture Porn'. The reference in the film 'The Passion of Christ' is discussed here.

We tell children how christ was beaten, flogged and nailed to a cross to forgive them for their sins. How sick is that? They see pictures of an alomst naked man, pierced by nails and dying and people think that's ok? If I showed my kids pictures of men in loin cloths having parts of their bodies involuntarily peirced by objects, I would probably have social services knocking on the door and rightly so.

This twisted death fetishism messes up kids' heads and should be kept away from them until they are consenting adults.

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Comment by D.M Barrera on July 26, 2010 at 11:05am
I agree. I was always scared to go to church- specially because in the Catholic they have all those images, and some are crying, and some look just plain horrible. And everytime they do this sort of parade thing carrying a box of a dead-almost naked-jesus my father would put me on his shoulders so I could see.

I still have that image in my head.
Comment by Samantha J. on July 27, 2010 at 7:00am
It's those images that kept me from looking away. It was like watching a bad car accident, where you can't look away but the image terrifies you. At the head of my old church there was Jesus (so sorry, jesus) being tempted by Satan. =/

But that image always held me in check. My doubts were "temptations" by Satan. Jesus suffered all of that so I could go to heaven, so it played the guilt card. The torture porn is also the guilt factor, but it's extremely psychological when basically saying "This innocent man was beaten and whipped to death because of YOUR SINS."

...No wonder it took me so long to convert.
Comment by Phil on July 27, 2010 at 12:19pm
They have had hundreds of years to perfect their cult and there is a conveyor belt of fresh young victims coming through the education system that they get to indoctrinate (or worse).

Plus they can offer salvation to anyone in a crisis when no-one else will give them a second glance.

I wasn't brought up in a religions environment and was never taken to church, so I'm not sure why I abhore organised religion so much. I just do.


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