Sometimes, A Friend Surprises Me

I started playing hockey again and one of the highlights of this is that some old friends have also dusted off their skates and are shaking off years of rust with me. Of course, the icing on this cake is the trip to the bar after the game, picking up where we left off in our mid-twenties and having a good time with the help of cold beer. I have been friends with these people since before I identified with atheism, and probably back to when I identified as a Christian, although I was never a true believer.

One of my friends is a die hard, Reagan worshiping, Republican. This fact is probably what prompted my increasingly inebriated self to challenge anyone in a debate on religion or politics, during a contentious dart game, no less. Another friend of mine picked religion. Fine, I said, go! He proceeded to tell me that religion was a bunch of made up bullshit along with some other things that were not too flattering about belief in general. I was stunned. "Really?" I asked, thinking he was playing a joke.

"Oh, sorry, are you religious?" he asked in all seriousness.

My Republican friend answered for me, declaring that I was an atheist.

"So am I", said my friend. I was so beside myself that I barely registered my Republican friend tell us that we were both going to hell.

Atheists are rare where I am, but perhaps not as rare as I thought. But, this made me feel good and I felt the need to share it with T|A.

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Comment by Reggie on July 15, 2010 at 1:09pm
@kvnvk - You hit the motherload! Two! I also assume that many of my friends are weak theists or deists and the topic never really comes up. A small few have said that they are not religious, they are spiritual. Whatever that means.
Comment by kvnvk on July 15, 2010 at 9:49pm
think I have mentioned before that I have quiet a few atheist friends and others who define themselves as "spiritual" or "pagan", really only one person I know who defines herself as strongly xtian. guess I'm "lucky" since I didn't actively seek out atheists to befriend. work is a bit different as everyone there is a believer in some such supernatural nonsense. it's a mixed bag, which can be interesting, and I've really not had to put up with anyone pestering me about accepting god/jesus/allah/etc. very much.


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