"You are worth more than many sparrows" from Atheist Climber blog

from Atheist Climber blog

This is a very brief overview of why I am passionate about the atheist cause, why it is important in this day and age, and why I continue to write about it.

Our world is the only thing we have, and at this time we are destroying it relentlessly with our greed and self-righteous consumption, and by waging wars against each other, using up precious resources and destroying areas of habitat. I don't blame religion for this directly, but I do blame religion for a state of mind which causes this. The problem with religion is that it takes away from the accountability of humanity for the things we do. Let me give you a few examples.

Firstly, the attitude that the earth was put here for humans to inhabit by a God means that we treat it as our plaything. In the book of Genesis, it implicitly states that the earth and all that walks or flies or swims is here for our use and for us to have dominion over. So in other words, we can kill and pillage and destroy the earth if it suits our needs. We are only asked in return to thank this God for the earth in return, and the God will provide more as we need it. But as we are all now aware, this attitude is killing our planet, and if we don't have a planet, then we don't have us. Not only this, but if we are not responsible for ourselves and our actions, because we have a God to protect us and guide us, then what is there in religion that tells us to respect the world we live in?

Secondly, although these religions claim to be religions of love and fellowship, different religions will wage war on one-another simply because the wording of the texts upon which these religions were based differs in semantics from each other. But we claim that God is telling us this is the right thing to do, to protect the integrity of the beliefs and the texts, to make sure nobody ridicules the ideals behind the religion. Christianity has gotten a bit better at not killing for blasphemy, but Islam is still enacting stone-age policies of jihad and fatwa against individuals and countries for just such infidelities.

Thirdly, people can easily claim that what they are doing is what God wants them to do, as if they have knowledge of what an onmipotent, omniscient and omnipresent being might want. The problem is, people become so self-righteous that they can claim that God is guiding them through whatever they do. People may truly believe that what they do is on the name of God, but in their delusions what they perceive to be the guiding hand of God may actually be what they themselves are striving for anyhow. Take God out of the equation, would these people still do what they do?

Fourthly, there is a tendency for people to think that they are special, and that God knows them better than they know themselves. This tendency can cause people to think that they are above others, better than an unbeliever or a believer of a different faith, more worthy and more deserving to be here in the first place. This individualised and personal God is actually mentioned in the bible in Matthew 10:29 through 10:31.

29Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. 30And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.

This backs up the whole notion that humans are better than the other animals on earth, because God put us here as individuals and watches over us, as long as we believe in Him. If we pray to him hard enough, our football team may win. If we pray hard enough he will do what we ask.

Fifthly, the idea of an afterlife makes us all far more selfish here on earth. We don't need to look after our planet because when we die we go to a better place. No need to tend the earth when we will be in paradise soon. And it doesn't matter what we do here on earth anyhow, because the idea of forgiveness from God means that as long as we renounce our sins before we die, all is forgiven.

Also, the idea of Armageddon and the rapture, where all the worthy will be whisked up into heaven, and the rest will be left here to suffer the consequences of our evil little lives. This implies that it's all going to end soon, so we don't need to bother with keeping the earth habitable. There are even people who actively want the apocalypse to come, and are actively trying to cause its eventuation.

And finally, religions actively encourage irrational thought. There is nothing wrong with the fantastical, but when you base your life upon irrational principles, you are prone to make irrational decisions. As I said in my blog “Don’t be a dick”? Sometimes we need to…

"...we are on a teetering point on this planet, where if we continue to make one bad decision after another about the way we evaluate what is important, the way we treat one-another, and the things we hold as true, then we are surely doomed to much further hardships."

When you take into account all of these tendencies, you can see how the ideas of religion will cause us to act indifferently toward the fragile world we live on. There is nowhere in there that actively encourages humans to look after the planet or to tread lightly upon the earth. All it seems to encourage is for us to be as selfish as possible, to look after number one, and to consume as much of the planet as we can before God calls it over and we all die.

Unfortunately, none of these tendencies are based on any hint of a realistic view of the universe. We only have one planet, and at the rate we're going we will destroy it. And when we do, there is no heaven or hell, just the end of the human species, and this is not of any consequence to the rest of the universe. Right now, we have the ability to affect the world for the better, to step boldly into the future and make change, make the world a better place, one where we can live together and strive forward with equal respect for one another and the planet upon which we live.

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Comment by Shawn P. on July 12, 2010 at 12:55am
Well said, I often get depressed at how we are out-numbered. Sometimes it seems so hopeless. But I do hope that the information age will usher in a new understanding of the world, and that the dark-aged customs/traditions and beliefs will fall away to reason.
Comment by Allen Sneed on July 12, 2010 at 8:09pm
I agree 100% and am sick of religious excuses to continue pillaging and raping the planet.
Comment by Martin Pribble on July 12, 2010 at 8:12pm
Bruce added this point at my blog:

"The other side-effect is that people are actually looking for signs of the end, instead of accepting responsibility, the threat of global warming, natural disasters, major acts of terrorism, are seen as signs of “the end is nigh” and can therefore be given a quiet nod as if everything is on track."


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