After a long morning of yard and house work, I decided to treat myself to lunch. Adjacent from the booth I was sitting in was a group of four elderly people. Every now and again I would catch bits an pieces of their conversation; diet, keeping active, etc. Normal innocent conversation.

As I finished my meal, and was on my way out, I heard one of the women utter these 'pearls of wisdom'. The topic of conversation had turned to the oil spill in the gulf. One of the men commented that they didn't know what caused it yet. That's when she said "It was probably sabotage. I bet it was those damn environmentalists. Trying to scare us into going green."... Not wanting to cause a scene in the middle of the restaurant, I simply shook my head in dismay and went on my way.

But talk about being horribly illogical! Being an environmentalist means safeguarding and protecting the environment. It's something they love and respect. So how is it logical that an environmentalist would say "We need to get people off oil. Any Ideas? Oh, I know! Lets cause untold ecological destruction! There's no better way to save the environment, than to destroy it."... That's like someone asserting that they are a New England Patriots fan, but also putting a hit on Tom Brady. They are incompatible statements that defy the other.

My only guess is that they are climate change deniers. Thusly, anything associated with 'going green' is bad and wrong. But why can't some separate global warming from 'going green'. OK, so say you're a warming skeptic. Is it wise to blindly dismiss 'going green' as well? Surely the idea of being ecologically responsible transcends warming and enters to all applicable fields of thought. Even if there was no warming, we still ultimately depend on the environment for our well being. Safegaurding nature benifits nature, and in the long run, us as well. If we carelessly destroy our ecosystem, it will tear us down with it.

But it makes me wonder how people can be so apathetic toward nature and lay waste to it so easily and carelessly. Part of my thinking reminded me of statements that were made when I was in CCD school. What's a flower for? To give us something pretty to look at and to smell good. Why are trees green? Because green is the most pleasing color to our eye for them to be. Why do birds sing? To give us a pretty song to hear. Etc, etc, etc. All baloney, and terribly selfish 'reasons'. We were taught that the 'whole of creation' was made expressly for us humans. It is ours to do with as we please. I feel that this helps lead to the horrible destruction we've seen throughout time. Thinking that we are above nature and it is our possession. It's only when one realizes that we are also part of nature and are simple spectators that you can grasp the true majesty and the horrible consequences of our actions. We all connected and mutually reliant of the welfare of the worldwide ecosystem. The lumberjack, the mighty larch, parrot, herring fish, duck, rabbit, or something completely different. We rely on each other in one way or another. Most times not directly. But feeling we are outside of nature and in control is a dangerous stance. If we shit all over the environment with no regard, we will ultimately recieve the same.

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Comment by Shanika on May 5, 2010 at 11:50am
LOL...too funny. It's amazing what comes about of the mouths of some humans. I listened to a video on youtube of a 12 year old girl who was giving a speech about saving the environment.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPx5r35Aymc I couldn't believe that someone wrote a comment on the video saying the child was brainwashed my socialist parents. LOL! When did wanting to preserve the planet become a bad thing?


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