Help fight child molestation by catholic priests one community at a time!

An Open Letter to My Fellow Godless Heathens,

I am really desperate here. I have been called a bigot for speaking out against the Catholic church! If it at all possible I would really appreciate a tweet in support (if you are in agreement of course) of my essay that challenges the Pope and the laity in their handling of the continuing problem of priests raping and molesting young children. My editorial was published in the Wednesday Journal a local newspaper in Oak Park, IL which is in suburban Chicago. I am certain our large Catholic community is going to hammer me pretty hard in the comments section over the course of the next few days. I would be forever in your debt ( a small debt, say up to $50.00 in trade value,LOL) if you would go one step further and submit a comment to the Wednesday Journal online showing your support. I could care less what the Catholic faithful has say about me, but comments of support from
around the world would go a long way toward waking up my community to this worldwide issue.

Sadly the only way we may ever stop this issue is to help the church destroy itself by putting the Bishop of Rome, Pope Benedict XVI on trial for crimes against humanity!

Please submit your comments of support for my editorial to the Wednesday Journal by following the links below.

The Wednesday Journal essay is titled: "Catholics look other way while
priests protected". ArticleID=17308&TM=14324.1 and a shortened version

I wrote a three page response to the first online comment submitted and I quote, "An absolutely outrageous piece from an anti-Catholic bigot. Sad." I would imagine the vitriol engendered in my reply would likely get me killed. Tiny whimpering lol inserted.

If you have Tweeted my cause, read my editorial and submitted a comment in its support and still want to do more please submit a letter to the editor in your locality, feel free to cut and paste mine if you want to it can't hurt. Especially since Catholics won't stand up to the Church and protect little innocent children, maybe it is time for the atheist movement to come out of the closet and defend the weakest of the weak, house by house, door by door if need be! Atheists United Against Child Molestation has a nice ring to it! We sure could use a rallying cry that the theists can't object to...

Thank You,

Shanghai Sidio
P.S. If you do not agree with my positions concerning the Catholic
Church no worries, I am a militant anti-theist, my "beliefs" are not
everyone's cup of tea. :-)

I am Shanghai_Sidio on Twitter.

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Comment by Mario Rodgers on April 29, 2010 at 1:05pm
I'm going to create a bumper sticker. "Honk if you hate the Catholic Church". LOL.


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