Dealing with your christian girlfriend!!

Ok, my first blog post. (sorry if I messed up my writing, not to good with english)

To begin, I live in a small town, where most people are catholics, but now days young people barely practice there religion, so they really don't give if I'm an atheist or not, there cool with it, sometimes shocked but not to make a big deal out of it. As some should now, we shouldn't care what others think about us, but what happends when the person that has a wrong idea about you is your girlfriend!?.
I spent almost two in a half years in a relationship with a theist, she didn't care much about my atheism, so the relationship went well until we broke up for other reasons, she learn a lot from my point of view, she didn't became an atheist, but is way more aware of the real deal in religion than before, she still believes, but doesn't practice as much as before.
But now, the situation is a little different, I'm getting involve with this new girl, I met her a couple of months ago, I really like her, she's a strong believer and activist in her christian comunity :S , she says to like me too, and that she definetly wants to have something serious with me dispite me being an atheist, but she's also afraid of it, afraid that her parents might found out that about me, among other things ¬¬ hahaha, but she still wants to be with me. I honestly am a very tolerant person, and even dough I would obviously loved that she be a freethinker, is a little bit to hard to ask for when you live in a place continously overwelmed by religious media, plus she's been in this comunity since child, so is hard to change something that has been in you since the beggining, it wasn't too hard for me, cuz I honestly never give a lot of attention, even knowing that I was in a catholic school all my life, they didn't turn me into the dark side hahaha.
So anyway the point is for anyone in my situation, is if you're not willing to accept your partner as she/he is, better leave them, it will become a conflict over time, but If you're a patient person, you might be able to teach something, that person would never figure out by it self.

thnx, edimagz out!

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Comment by Filippo on January 3, 2010 at 6:18pm
Nah bro, you should stay with her, especially if you really like her. Leaving her for religious reasons sets you up for standards that are way too high to maintain. I mean, sure you might meat the occasional atheist chick who you may like, but trust me, there are far more girls out there who are religious and would be perfectly compatible with you regardless of belief.


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