A Brief Transcript of a Conversation Overheard in Astronomy Class

Eavesdropping is one of my favorite pastimes, and I always jot down the good stuff.

The greatest fruit of my nosiness this week:

Girl #1: I'm really excited about the dating discussions that the student Baptist center is having! It relates to everybody, it's going to bring a lot of people in.

Girl #2: I know! And it's so like, important. It was just like, whoa, you know? Some of the things we talked about.

Girl #1: Like, how god is the center of everything, and if you're not right with him first, then you can't have a healthy relationship with someone. Like, how can you know yourself if you're not right with god, and how can you give someone something you don't know?

Girl #2: Right! I mean, if you're not right with god, how can you expect him to bless your relationship, you know?

Girl #1: ...so, was there anybody there that you're interested in?

Girl #2: Actually, yeah. You know that blonde guy, who was telling all the jokes? The one who was at the bonfire party, too?

Girl #1: Oh yeah, he's cute! I thought it was like, really cool how he said that his parents were missionaries in, uh... what was it?

Girl #2: Wasn't it Costa Rica?

Girl #1 Oh yeah! I knew it was something in Spain.

So, I don't have to say anything, because they provided the punchline for me.


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Comment by kelltrill on April 14, 2010 at 9:43am
Walking around on my old campus I always used to hear the most atrocious comments from first year students. I cringe just to think about them.
guy A - so did you bang that chick you walked home last night?
guy B - no way dude, she had stretch marks. I can't believe she actually thought I was going to sleep with her. Ew.

Playing 30seconds with some friends:
Q - Largest mountain range in America?
A - Himalayas!

Q - What's the capital of Greece?
A - Rome!

Eavesdropping ftw. Sometimes you can't help but overhear some insane things.


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