So, my school may have finally been targeted and criticized by the last remaining coo coo for coa coa puffs organization in America. Let's see, there is the...

American Family Association...

Family Research Institute...

Parents & Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays...

National Association for Research and Therapy for Homosexuality...

Liberty Council...

Concerned Women for America...

and now...

wait for it...

wait for it...

wait for it...

Westboro Baptist Church!

Yes, Westboro Baptist Church announced today (I guess it was today) that they will be protesting in front North High in Wichita, Kansas. It's set my school abuzz, at least the circles of people that I'm grouped in. Westboro Baptist Church makes a lot of people greatly upset. But in my view, they are a particularly unoffensive church. I have no demands for amends, because I do not feel like I (as a gay person) have ever been harmed by anything the family has done. I understand others may disagree. I understand even they may disagree. But that is OK.

I find Westboro to be unoffensive because they conduct what I think is appropriate business for a Church: they preach. And loudly! And because they do it out of what is to them a feeling of love for their fellow man. "WARN THY NEIGHBOR: REBUKE!" is not a Phelps innovation. It's basic Calvinism.
I may criticize the origin of the doctrine, since I don't believe the Bible, so I consider it (and everything that grows out of it), fictitious. But to call Westboro bigots would be to ignore what I consider to be honest concern for the souls of mankind.

I don't need anyone's concern for my soul, and quite frankly, God as I understand him (she? it?) has no issue whatever with the fact that I'm gay, or fairly agnostic. But Westboro shares, in very plain and easy-to-understand language, that they're concerned I'll going to hell. That's nice of them, I guess. I cheered Westboro's victory in SCOTUS, because it upheld America's obeisance to freedom of speech.

Going to hell is very serious business. I should hope that someone would have the freedom to warn me about it. I should hope that that freedom would trump whether it hurts someone's feelings. I have much harsher words, and feelings, for those Churches that commingle themselves with politics in an ugly way. I have much dislike for those who would seek to have their Truth become not only their belief, but enforced, even upon those who do not share it. I do not share Westboro's beliefs. Any of them. But they have never sought to impose those beliefs upon me, only to share them.

See you on Monday.

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Comment by Nerdy Keith on August 24, 2013 at 2:20pm

Well Logan, the way I see it they are preaching hate, and I as a human being will never class that as appropriate under any circumstances. And I won't even grant WBC the title of church, they are no church they are a cult. A over deluded, insane cult. 

And I don't believe they do have an honest concern about anything but the preservation and enforcement of their faith system. The only thing going on in their heads is "These are our belief systems and you must accept them" 

It has been my understanding that the Westboro Baptist Cult do involve themselves in politics or at least tried to. Fred Phelps is a disbarred lawyer let us not forget. He was disbarred as a lawyer in 1979 for being found to approaching his profession with a lack of ethics. There is a brief account of this on this website. 

But when it comes to freedom of speech, yes they do have a right to say as they wish. But others also have the right to remind WBC how stupid they really are. They are like a really bad travelling circus show, only they lack originality, any sort of class and make regular circus clowns looks like brain surgeons. Now while I support their right to say stupid things, I still view their behaviour as antisocial and a disturbance of the peace. 

Thats just how I feel about this. I'm sorry to hear this freakshow is coming to your school to protest. Hopefully they will eventually get board and tell someone else how to live their lives. 

Comment by Logan D on August 24, 2013 at 6:21pm

I have read the accusations in Addicted to Hate, and other sources, that paint a picture of a harsh and abusive existence within the family. But I have not been there. How they conduct their affairs internally are not my business. 

And I do believe them when they say their only motive is to warn people. I live just 100 miles from the Phelps family, mind you, so I grew up seeing them on the streets. I never felt a disturbance because, really, the cult's actions have stirred up deep public antipathy. If their God is as bad they depict it, then no one does more to create sympathies and victories for us than the WBC.

I have found it hard to believe they've attempted anything except to damage the right-wing movement. Fred Phelps was a registered democrat in Kansas, and has even ran for the democratic primary for governor three times. But whatever they once were, they have now retired once they concluded the world is on a sure path to destruction, and there is no remedy available to us anymore.


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