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Today I was at a home as part of my job.  It had a bunch of interesting things in it, among them a cow's skull mounted on the wall, a huge Jacuzzi that was so large it made other parts of the bathroom barely accessible, and the item that is the subject of my confusion and consternation.  

It was one of those images that change according to the position of the viewer.  It was posted on the refrigerator and when I first saw it I saw a picture of a starving child.  Wondering why someone would have a picture of a starving child on his or her refrigerator, I took a closer look.  When I changed my position a little I realized that the other image was Jesus' face.  I toggled my head back and forth a few times to make sure I was seeing it correctly.

There must be a story behind the card.  Maybe they got it as a token of remembrance after donating to some Catholic charity.  These people were clearly Catholic, from their Jesus-laden crucifixes to their Mother Mary pillow on the sofa.  This was the picture of Jesus with the thorny heart, Catholic to the core.  

I don't care that they were Catholic, but maybe knowing they are will help provide an explanation for this picture.  Of course Jesus loves the little children.  Then why is that one starving?  Why are millions starving?  Does it relieve a little bit of their Catholic guilt to know that they have helped to feed some children somewhere even though in the big picture their efforts are as Mickey Mouse bandages on a deep, gaping wound?

I did not dislike the woman with whom I was working.  I was there to provide my little bit of person-by-person impact on the world.  There is no judgment of her here, just confusion and a little sadness over the picture.  In some other instance, such as one in which I knew the person personally and felt comfortable enough to ask about it, I might have said, "Hey!  What the &%$# is up with this picture?  Please, for the love of all that is good in the world, explain it to me!"  Now I may never know.

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