I don't know if anyone else engages the Christian propagandists on YouTube, but I've found it to be terribly entertaining - and great debating practice to boot. This is a conversation that started on some Christian chick's (I was invited) channel where I and a few other Atheists were pummeling her logic, when this guy invited me to come to his channel for a real Christian education - I mean, he really baited me with the idea of evidence for god that I was probably unfamiliar with - I had to see that.
Anyway, I was unable to watch his complete educational series - they were totally retarded and mind-numbing but since I was there, I decided it might be fun to poke the bear with a stick. The following exchange is my poking, along with a few others that decided to jump in.

daveisnothome (1 day ago)
I am curious ETA - what is your religion if not Christian? If you are one of the Christian denominations then where do you separate yourself from the 1500 year Catholic-only history of the Christian church? Is the Christian church new? Do you incorporate the Jewish history into your religion as well? What is your impression of the council of Jerusalem in 65 CE?

EducatingTheAtheists (1 day ago)
I am a person adopted out of the group that God regrets making and into the group that he doesn't.
The word "catholic" simply means "universal". Are you refering to the Roman Catholic religion?
Jesus was a Jew along with His twelve apostles and the first several thousand believers. Salvation came through the Jews.
Are you refering to the Council at Jerusalem where Peter addressed the heresy of the Judaisers when the gospel of Grace was solidified among the gentiles? I'm very familiar with it.

daveisnothome (1 day ago)
Awkward for God that he has to repent again - for your sake I hope he got it right this time and doesn't have to go find some more chosen people.
Must have been a different council, the one I'm referring to decided whether to accept Gentiles into the all-Jew Apostolic church and if these new converts should have to follow Mosaic Law, including circumcision, just like the Jewish Christians did. I personally think this is when the Christian church petered out and became a state religion.

EducatingTheAtheists (1 day ago)
His regret dates back to the fall. His plan of salvation has always been the same.

The council of Jerusalem account is found in Acts15 and deals with the Law of Moses and the Gentiles as well as the Jews. Please read it for yourself. My first book , "Fallen From Grace" goes into great detail concerning this event.

daveisnothome (1 day ago)
I'm not visiting your channel for an education, I've had that in spades. I'm only curious why you think you have information that hasn't been out there for centuries. If anything, you might consider calling your channel educating the christian because that's where the deficit is.
As far as you using any biblical account as a historical reference, that's not much better than guesswork if you're the scholar you claim to be then that's obvious though.

EducatingTheAtheists (1 day ago)
As long as you understand the difference between education and indoctrination and that any attempt to figure this out at all is tacit acceptance of deism in the very least due to the fact that logic is transcendental.

daveisnothome (1 day ago)
Your logic and reasoning are "tacit" to a hamster chasing his tail on a running wheel until he dies. The only thing I'm trying to figure out on any believer's channel is why anyone would accept the idea of a god in lieu of accepting reality. So far I've concluded that man is #1-too lazy to look, #2-Afraid of dying and the unknown, and #3-He has inherited Christian ideals from his parents, community, and culture - and again he's too lazy and afraid to step away and entertain new ideas.

creationutcase (1 day ago)
You missed #4 Mental illness

daveisnothome (1 day ago)
It would be great if you stopped handing out judgment and labels and instead humbly share the knowledge you claim to have found. You are not that fascinating or enlightened no matter what your fans might tell you. You invited me here and I'm trying to be courteous while I listen to you - believe me it's not easy.

EducatingTheAtheists (1 day ago)
Why have you not addressed the issue of the transcendental evidence for God... like logic for example.
I used to be an atheist. I used to believe that there was no evidence for God. I used to ignore the "everything" that goes on outside the natural world. I used to hold to the "Big Bang" theory while ignoring its cause. I use to believe that humans evolved from primates in spite of the complete lack of transitional evidence. You say "entertain new ideas". I say your ideas are old hat to me.

creationutcase (1 day ago)
Your understanding of evolutionary theory is almost child like.
Are you aware that even if we had no fossils to look at we would still know that evolution was fact just from the molecular evidence?
Name one fact regarding species diversity that your creation story explains better than evolutionary theory does.
ERVs, nested heirachies, atavisms, the fossil record, vestigial structures, gene sequencing, embryology, morphology, come on, just one fact.

daveisnothome (20 hours ago)
TAG uses circular reasoning and assumes from the start what it is going to conclude. It does not fulfill the pre-reqs for an argument of proof - it's based on assumptions. What are you premises? Have you proven those premises before you made your Yahweh conclusion? Could you plug Allah into that premise? Zeus?

daveisnothome (20 hours ago)
And, it is incorrect to establish that premise of a logical moral god based on Yahweh as Yahweh has repeatedly proven his sadistic nature and faulty logic - thus destroying Kant's theory that God's nature is the source of logic and morals.

EducatingTheAtheists (11 hours ago)
I don't know what "Kant"s theory is on logic and morals. Morality is subjective. Dan Barker (well known atheist apologist) put forth a theory wherein rape would be moral so yes, it is difficult to argue for the objectivity of morality apart from picking one deity over another. Religious fanatics will justify all kinds of horrors for their "god". I subscribe to no religion at all.
Logic, however, is transcendental and mocks naturalism to its face... according to Isaac Newton at least.

creationutcase (4 hours ago)
answer my question, if you can, if not you shouldn't be so dismissive of evolutionary theory.
Name one fact regarding species diversity that your creation story explains better than evolutionary theory does.
ERVs, nested heirachies, atavisms, the fossil record, vestigial structures, gene sequencing, embryology, morphology, come on, just one fact.

EducatingTheAtheists (11 hours ago)
Did i mention TAG anywhere in my comments? I asked you about logic. That's all. It applies to everyone. It does not rely on a person's ability to understand it and it is not a naturally ocurring substance. It is omnipresent in the universe and it is transcendental.
I do not argue in favor of any deity. I argue againsy the illogical philosophy of naturalism. Allah and Zeus are different discussions. You cannot know the truth about any god as long as your trapped in the delusion of naturalism.

creationutcase (4 hours ago)
"Why have you not addressed the issue of the transcendental evidence for God... like logic for example."
That IS TAG numbnuts.

EducatingTheAtheists (3 hours ago)
I know what TAG is.
Calling me belittling names gets you nothing. I defer to ppsimmons for science.

dogofthegaps (2 hours ago)
That's right, just keep blocking people because they disagree with you, asshole
ppsimmons and science? lol, he has as much scientific knowledge as the people who wrote your stupid little holy book, what joke you are.

dogofthegaps (1 hour ago)
If you can't answer the most basic of challenges re evolution vs creation you have no business denying that evolution happens, ever.

Stick to what you know and leave the science to rational people.

PkmnNameRater (52 minutes ago)
Please explain to me how it makes sense that someone just appeared in the middle of nowhere and created the world. Science is something that actually has proof, unlike believing that a fairy created everything today.

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Comment by Reggie on August 13, 2009 at 5:39pm
@ Chris - I listened to the podcast and yeah, they did go in circles quite a bit. But I think that is why TAG can be popular. The circular argument and the presuppositions are more subtle and I thought Matt did a decent job of combating it. I just wish he would have cut to the chase sooner at a lot of places. There is only so many times you can listen to someone say "A is A, and not A is not A". Nerve wracking indeed.

@CaraColeen - You know, pride is a sin! :)
Comment by CJoe on August 13, 2009 at 6:40pm
Guilty as charged.
Comment by davesnothome on August 13, 2009 at 6:47pm
My baby girl - isn't she pretty? I miss you. And no, I haven't had time to start the cta books you sent - too busy reading my other stack and jousting with fools.
Comment by Dave G on August 13, 2009 at 11:23pm
@Chris @Reggie Yeah, that was a LONG argument, made longer by Slick's refusal to listen when Matt pointed out a logical flaw.
Comment by Reggie on August 14, 2009 at 12:20am
Slick lived up to his name.


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