Does it frustrate you to be told you are an idiot by christian family

Was called into the lounge by three family members to tell me I am an idiot in believing what I do. They spent the day looking at does Aliens exist on youtube today, and rounded it of with Loyd Pely. Evolution does not exist, Darwin is an idiot because this guy says so. I aked if they have done research and they said no. My mother just told me evolution is not real as she has experienced and witnessed to many miracles in life. I have never called them in to insult there believes why do they think it is ok to do this to me.  Is this christian mentality?.How is it possible for any person to make statements without having proof, and then insist that what they believe is true.

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Comment by Lewal on March 10, 2013 at 11:24am

This seems impossible to me. You'd ask them how they figure, and then when they inevitably spout something about "truth" or "fact" you've already won.

Comment by Brazillian atheist on March 11, 2013 at 6:24am

Well, my parents aren't creationists, and most catholics i met would completely laugh at people who believe that Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden really existed, in my catechesis we were told that the Adam and Eve story was a tale told to the people of that time, because if god had told the Hebrews how it really happened, they wouldn't understand, at that time, that explanation made sense, today i know its just a ridiculous excuse.

My mother is a spiritualist, she believes in reincarnation,people that can communicate to spirits and psychographics (i hope that this is the right english word for the person that can be used by a spirit to write letters, books, and recently a singer here in Brazil claimed that her songs are written by spirits through her...). She claim that this is backed by metaphysics. But that she doesn't understand a thing about metaphysics. But that there are physicists, specially one from my state Professor Moacir, that not only are spiritualists, but also claim that their field of science reveals that spiritualism is real because metaphysics shows that there are different dimensions and planes of existence... At least looking at the good side, most of the spiritualists accept evolution since its part of their belief, they believe that people evolve spiritually, so most of them believe, or at least see that everything evolve biologically, only recently i found a small group of spiritualists who find the "biological evolution" a completely nonsensical joke


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