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    I was watching television the other day when my intelligence was once again assaulted by a vocal and unabashed member of the flat earth society. A Republican member of the Texas school board responsible or deciding that evolution should not be allowed in textbooks because it has “no scientific justification” and a concept espoused by those ”Godless left wingers“.

   I really don’t know just where to start with this not only is there an enormous amount of fossil evidence to support the conclusion that evolution is indeed a fact unlike any “religious” justification. Evolution is only called “the theory of evolution” because science, unlike religion, always requires open-mindedness and peer-review before drawing a conclusion. But also, in my mind at least, it is the “God fearing” people that are the problem.

   When I interact with people who have a strong “religious” belief of any kind I find that there is an idea socialized into most of us which assumes automatically that the “believer” is somehow on a better moral footing than I am. while they are, usually, simply a part of the belief system that they grew up with. On my part, it comes from a lifetime of first having to overcome the years of childhood brainwashing. Having struggled to overcome that, I was then subjected to several years of living in a population of mostly religious people who all had a similar attitude of “my God is the only one that will get me into heaven but, those who believe in other gods are good people to; they just won’t make it into heaven”. The word atheist or agnostic is treated only in the most negative of ways.

   Well, I’ve got news for them. I am a moral person to even though I don’t believe in any magical beings. After years of questioning and being open-minded to the possibilities I have come to understand a neatly logical concept of how the universe works. It makes perfect sense to me (unlike religion) and also gives me a firm set of principles about how to treat other human beings with kindness and love. I don’t need to have it written in stone by a God.


Rev. Roger C. Everaert

Church of Spiritual Humanism


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Comment by Val Wuthrich on February 28, 2013 at 5:21pm
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Comment by mary bottoms on March 3, 2013 at 3:38pm

Extremist pundits and Bible-thumping cretins have twisted meaning to such a degree that religious freedom is taken to mean that no one is supposed to stand up to tyranny. Instead, I believe that the true meaning of words should be reclaimed. No, they cannot expect the government to fawn over those who decry rights for women, men, gays. There are indeed NOT always two sides to every argument.


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