Please let me know if I have repeated any or left any out.

  • All atheists have positive beliefs that a god cannot exist.
  • Atheists hate god.
  • Atheists hate Christianity.
  • Atheists hate Christians.
  • Atheists find all Christians irritating.
  • Atheists want to stop people from practising their religion.
  • Atheists are the same as secularists.
  • Atheists are evil.
  • Atheists are immoral.
  • Atheists have denied god.
  • Atheists have turned their back on god.
  • Atheists know that a god exists and have deliberately rejected him
  • Atheists are nihilists and have no purpose in life.
  • Athiests are grumpy and unfulfilled.
  • Atheists have never read the Bible properly.
  • Atheists have never really met Jesus.
  • Atheists who claim to have been Christian were never real Christians.
  • Atheists are deeply unhappy.
  • Atheists have no meaning or purpose in their life.
  • Atheists are arrogant.
  • Atheists are aggressive.
  • Atheists are strident.
  • Atheists are wicked.
  • Atheists are murderous.
  • Atheists have been seduced and influenced by keeping company with other atheists.
  • Atheists who have been Christians lost their beliefs because they stopped associating with other Christians and were led away by association with atheists.
  • Atheists were seduced by atheistic university faculty.
  • Atheism is synonomous with scientism.
  • Atheists all believe in evilution.
  • Atheists have faith in science.
  • Atheists don’t want to follow god’s rules.
  • Atheists want to sin instead of doing what god wants.
  • Atheists found god’s way too difficult to follow.
  • Atheists who used to be Christian did not have the right kind of faith.
  • Atheists had a poor relationship with their father.
  • Atheists refuse to accept the obvious evidence of god around them.
  • Atheists are all going to hell.  (Doctrinal belief.)
  • Atheists can turn Christian but true Christians never turn atheist.
  • Atheists who are former Christians left Christianity because they had a bad experience caused by someone who said they were a Christain.
  • Atheists are angry with god.
  • Atheists worship Satan.
  • Atheists have been taken over by the Devil.
  • Atheists have been deceived by the Devil.
  • Atheists just haven’t been introduced to the right church.
  • Atheists are ignorant of Christianity/Islam or whatever.

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Comment by Reg The Fronkey Farmer on January 21, 2013 at 1:12pm

That seems to cover most of it.

Atheists lack humility (similar to arrogant)

Atheists are close minded.

Atheists hate long lists :-)



Comment by James Cox on January 21, 2013 at 8:56pm

Atheists are bad cooks!


Comment by Sarah Jane Hall on January 22, 2013 at 2:41am

lol someone could make a big long list of false things Christians or Jews or whatever are too and most of that stuff would also not be true. 

Comment by Teri G on January 29, 2013 at 1:55pm
This pretty much sums up to:
Atheists are stupid and are bad people.

It's sad because it's quite the opposite.


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