I posted that "Gay Scientists isolate Christian Gene" video to my Facebook wall. And a friend of my mother, who has never said two words to me felt the compulsion to put this intellectual piece into my inbox:


Dear Brenda, 

What a lot of rubbish contained in your recent post.
Were you not taught the science of your own critical thinking when you attended Varsity?
Is it then really necessary to offend others by repeating such silly claims?

Have you actually ever bothered to examine the claims Christianity actually makes? Not the claims of the church, but the bible? Read the gospels lately? To not believe in God and his creation is a far greater leap of faith than the "faith" of being a Christian. The evidence of the creation and of God is all around you... Just look.

Lots of Love,


Just thought I'd share my response with you:


Dear -

Thank you for notifying me of the offence that you took from failing to watch the video that I reposted yesterday. It was, in fact, a parody response to the following headline:

Dr. Albert Mohler, A 'Gay' Gene and The 'Cure' for Homosexuality

A REAL headline that I believe many people, including myself, took offence to. The implication being that homosexuality is a genetic mutation that future generations need to be sterilised of by Christian scientists (who, in turn, believe they will be saving these future unborn children’s souls from eternal damnation).

I thank you also, for your attack on me about my understanding of the Christian faith. Having being raised Christian, I know all too well what the bible claims. More so now that I have been relieved of the shackles of faith. But you knew that already, because you knew my father, a devout Christian, who suffered with Cancer for years in front of his helpless family; claiming steadfastly that his God was seeing him through and that we must not interfere nor lose hope.

I apologise for any offence you took at my repost to my own FaceBook wall of an article written to reflect the ludicrous view that homosexuality is a threat to Christian scientists.

I do hope that you can afford me the same apology for your attack on my “critical thinking”, my “reading of the Gospels lately”, and that little nab you took at me about “attending Varsity” which I, in turn also took offence to.


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Comment by Teri G on January 29, 2013 at 1:59pm
I like your response. It had the same passive aggressive tone that she had in hers, and hopefully putting an end to that silly objection. Did she respond?
Comment by Strega on January 29, 2013 at 2:15pm

Bombard her with links like this one, about parasitic eye worms, and ask for her evidence of god all around her extends to these living creatures.  Oh and while you're at it, you could ask why Noah took them on the ark.

But you know, a click away is the wonderful "unfriend" button.


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