Totally Braced to be Crucified for This....

I personally agree with T-foot on this.

Misogyny is a real problem.  In a world where rape is still used by militaries to demoralize a country's people, how could this be denied?  In a world where girls are kidnapped and forced into prostitution in droves, how could this be denied?  In a world where women's struggle for equal pay and reproductive rights are still an issue in first world countries, how could this be denied?

Do some posters online go too far with sexist comments and other stupidities?  No doubt.  Do some atheist men see women as objects, or what have you?  Absolutely.  Don't think I'm defending these types.  I'm merely suggesting that perhaps we are looking at this and seeing this as the general behaviors when they are in fact the anomolies.

I've been on many atheist forums and chatrooms these past four years.  I love it!  I've never met such cool people in my life!  Our own chatroom here on Think Atheist is awesome!  Great company!  There is a greater percentage of men than women in these forums, just as we see in society.  I've discussed, debated, and shared alot with these guys.  Does the topic of sex come up?  Duh....we're adult humans.  And sex is a fun topic for most of us!  But I've never, EVER felt, in the hundreds of forum situations I've been in, that if I felt uncomfortable or uninterested in those types of discussions, I would be ostracized or criticized for saying so.  I have found that 90% or greater of atheist men I've encountered online are courteous, gentlemanly, and intellectually engaging.  Personally, I find it insulting that these wonderful men are being lumped together and branded sexist, walking penises that only want women atheists around for one thing. And if you can't see the irony in how they are being perceived, then I'm sorry for you.

There are REAL women's issues out there.  Feminism is a REAL stance.  But I can't even allow myself to consider myself a feminist, who fights for equality and human rights for women worldwide, when feminism is now beginning to mean "how DARE you think I'm attractive as well as intelligent" or "you asked me out on a date because you were interested in me?  YOU PIG!".  THIS is not feminism....this is stupidity. 

Just my observation.

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Comment by Unseen on January 9, 2013 at 10:48pm

As an aside (since we're talking critters), I have a cat, and cats are bad enough. It's amazing what they get into and they are largely untrainable, too. She'll get off the kitchen counter if I yell at her, but I know she'll do it again. And when I'm not around, all bets are off, I'm sure. The other day I found her with one of her front paws deep down in my toaster. Now I have to remember to keep my toaster unplugged when not in use.

Comment by Suzanne Olson-Hyde on January 10, 2013 at 1:59am
It only took me two internet trolls to learn two things, sound proof the garage, and cover walls and floor with plastic. Works a treat, and stops nosy neighbours in their tracks.
Comment by Steven G-man on January 10, 2013 at 3:35am

Hey Suzanne,

I get what your brother has been saying, I myself have been run out of a 4 yr program by what I feel where anti-male feminists. I was just trying to be a Nurse, and let me tell you, I have been SH*T on at every placement, and slandered IMHO at every turn by the females in charge. Nothing says equal rights like having a nurse tell your instructor you're lazy because you sat down for a 2 minute rest while every other female student sits for a half hour doing notes. At least I figured out why the 4 male nurses in my family told me not to entire it as a profession.

The thing that gets me though, I have a PRIME example as the extreme feminists in positions of power can do over men, an example that personally had me on suicide watch for weeks, that had my parents and my girlfriend scared for me and crying every night (which I later found out). An example that to this day, the thought of it makes me, 6 foot tall and 270lbs, break down and cry for an hour shaking, AND I cannot share because of a non-disclosure paper I had signed under duress.

These anti-males (A-M) broke me in a way I never thought I could be hurt by. I mean I was bullied my entire life, but the closest thing I can describe it as was emotional and psychological rape, which I have said several times (took me until 2 months ago until i found a way to describe how I felt, and this happened 2 years ago). I find it interesting that what they, the A-Ms, claim males do to keep females subjugated I feel was done to me. Due to these A-Ms, I now found a new title to describe myself: I am aggressively Athiest, aggressively anti-thiest, aggressively equal rights, and now aggressively anti-feminist.

Now I hear the groan of my lady friend, for once I am aggressive about something, I will argue and debate and fight for or against until I am dragged away.

Comment by Suzanne Olson-Hyde on January 10, 2013 at 5:00am
@Steven G - I find it really hard to say all this without wanting to rip somebody's throat out. I cannot say how sorry I am to know this has happened to you, and has effected you in such a profound way - these women are not feminists, they have a totally different agenda than the feminists I know and love. Both you and I come from very similar countries in so many ways, where females have achieved a lot, as far as equal work, equal pay. We are STILL fighting for this in Australia on this very day, but feminists love men, and need men on our side. It is only because of men that we have got this far. The same as our sisters in Muslim countries need the men on their side to achieve anything, the same in India, with men rallying to the cause of the girl who was raped, and has died.The women that you talk of, my brother speaks of, are a whole different ball game, they have a different agenda, and this is where the hairy arsed lesbian gets it name. As a feminist, I just want to go about my business without being harassed, wear what I want to wear, so when I hear about these women, and the harassment and bullying that goes on, I could just scream. My own partner got the sack, because his boss, a woman thought he wanted her job. My brother is leaving teaching because of the shite these women are putting on him.

This is NOT feminism, this is NOT extreme feminism, but I don't know what to call what they are doing. They are just men haters, for whatever reason.

I find it interesting that what they, the A-M's claim males do to keep females subjugated I feel was done to me - that is exactly what happens to women in marriages, where men psychologically or physically bully women, but stay in the marriage etc. for twenty-thirty years, especially if they have children, and people ask, 'Why didn't you leave".??????Psychological rape, oh, yes, I do understand this.

I call myself a pretty fervent atheist, and a pretty full on feminist, but like the male bullies and rapists, there are the good guys, and like these women who bully and subjugate men, there are good women. We are the ones who need each other, to fight these fucking interlopers into good causes.

These women are not feminists the same as all men are not rapists.

My partner also groans when I get on my bandwagon, the same as your lady groans, I just call it getting a backbone about this stuff :)
Comment by Kairan Nierde on January 10, 2013 at 7:07am

I think there's a word for your "A-M feminists"--sexists.  I'm very sorry for your experience, Steve! It must have been really bad for them to be covering their asses legally.

Unseen-I'm not sure what the gender of the presenter has to do with anything.  I was saying that I can see how theories could be colored by their origin from within a patriarchal society (whether  coming from a male or female).

Comment by Suzanne Olson-Hyde on January 10, 2013 at 7:50am
@Kairan - you are exactly right - these particular woman are not feminists, but they do have an agenda, they also attack women and feminists in general, that the original feminists didn't go far enough, as true feminists like men, these antifeminists do not. Feminists recognise that men's liberation is a necessary part of feminism, and men are also harmed by sexism and gender roles, as is the case of Steven G.
Comment by Strega on January 10, 2013 at 9:38am

Susan, I'm a bit confused by your comment regarding "hairy arsed lesbian" nomenclature.  I have reread your post and I am no clearer.  Please could you explain?

Comment by Steven G-man on January 10, 2013 at 11:03am

@ Suzanne

I am better now, but like i mentioned i still break when i think to long on it. but after 4 yrs i finally left that school. I still desire to be a nurse, but it appears being a RN wont happen, so I am going to be a RPN.  The main thing is, even with that nondisclosure paper, which while signed under duress my lawyer could easily toss out, going public would ruin any chance i have for a good career (such is the nature of what they claimed I did and why it broke me, being so severe).

I don't mean when I stated that I was against the classic feminist. Hell, I love all the classic feminists, and going into a primarily female workforce (nursing) I get the need for everyone being on equal footing/respect/pay. I am just against what the word feminism has unfortunately evolved into in today's world. The modern days feminists are more feminazis, what with the believing there is a superior sex, uniforms/dress codes to wear while walking around and hard lined agenda that if you raise questions about you get in trouble. So allow me to clearify then, I am aggressively equal rights and aggressively classical feminism, but aggressively anti-modern feminism.

Comment by CJoe on January 10, 2013 at 11:18am

I'm really glad to see all this being discussed; I have to say, it makes me proud of Think Atheist! Everyone is remaining civil, and no one's been crucified.

Steven, I'm so sorry for your experience. It really sickens me. I was recently trying the feminist label on for size, but now I want to back away from it because of what I've seen (the stuff Thunderf00t is talking about) and my own personal experience with those being discussed in the video. I merely retweeted a blog on fair treatment, and a call to be reasonable and not fling the slur "misogynist" at anyone who criticizes you... and I came under attack by people I'd never even spoken with before. It was such a turn-off. And they've gone after my guy friends, too... my guy friends that are totally supportive of women, and not at all sexist! All this because I was hoping people could just calm down and stop being so reactionary. But then I was accused of being a "sister punisher", a term I'd never even heard before. Apparently, I was punishing my sisters for insisting they be introspective and not treat men the way they'd been treated.

Thunderf00t is right; whatever this is (feminism or something else) really is poisoning the atheist movement. I'll admit, like almost everyone in this discussion has, that sexism is still a problem, and sexual harassment should be taken seriously, and we need to be careful not to minimize people's experiences. EVERYONE'S! Females AND males! Being treated badly does not give someone the right to treat others badly. White men don't deserve to be ignored or vilified just because they're white men. We all have our own individual experiences, and they all matter.

This issue would be much more effectively dealt with if these "Skepchicks" weren't making enemies out of allies... just as I was an ally. But they told me I didn't "get it", and acted like I couldn't possibly have ever been sexually harassed or abused since I was criticizing their method. I was too stupid to see when sexism was staring me in the face. Their condescending tone was uncalled for, and they absolutely made assumptions/judgments about me that were horribly insulting and invalidating. Talk about "sister punishing"!!

I'd really like for all this to go away. Some of us would like a CONSTRUCTIVE dialog without the witch hunts (oh, and apparently I'm not allowed to use that metaphor because sooo many women died during the witch hunts... but the fact they're criticizing my metaphors means their argument is bunk).

I wanted to consider myself a feminist. Instead of defending the label (which once was a force for good), I'd rather adopt the label humanist... which I don't have to explain means women AND men, or all races: the title says it all. There are no misunderstandings. I am for women's rights. I am for men's rights. And when those are sorted out, I'm for animal rights, too.

Comment by Dr.Grixis on January 10, 2013 at 11:40am

OT, I think that the Atheism Plus movement as displayed on the Atheism+ forum is one that reminds me very much of this women that I once knew, she was very insecure and often exclaimed "You do not understand!" and often ranted about how badly behaved people were.

I found her one of the most badly behaved people I've ever knew, as she never, ever felt like having a conversation, instead she would rant, accuse and judge people for things that were neither said or done.

I tend to be quite a nice guy, with some sharp edges, but I sort of always got away with being what I am around her, mainly because I was dating one of her friends. Anyways, at one moment she got angry with this guy for burping, as it was an expression of male brutality and aggression, I started laughing, I just couldn't stop myself, she got so angry with me, and all i could do was laugh and laugh till I was red in the face. Of course, afterwards I was told that she expected me to apologize to her, because although I had the right to laugh, and although I did not exceed any social rules, the girl was hurt and for that fact I should apologize. That sort of behavior reminds me of the whole atmosphere over on the Atheism+ forum.

I loved the whole "Curious/Matt Dillahunty" thing going on, it does give an interesting view to the crazy involved...


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