If I had a famous father like Meghan McCain...

I certainly would be doing a better job with it. I'm sorry, this may not be the perfect forum for my views on her, but what she represents happens to be a part of what I find to be harmful when religion mixes with politics... aka most of the Republican Party.

At first, I admit I was a fan of hers. We aren't all that far age-wise and she seemed to be fairly well-spoken. During all the campaigning I checked her blog frequently as it was a pretty good insight into what goes on behind closed doors. I had liked John McCain in the past, as I think a lot of Americans did, but he strayed far too right for me. Regardless, I enjoyed her coverage via photos and witty postings along the trail. Once the votes were cast, and it was clear her father wasn't to be elected, it seems she took some time off and hopped onto TheDailyBeast.com as a journalist/blogger. This is where I start to see her decline...

I'd like to believe she's a smart enough girl to realize her views really aren't in line with the rest of her party. She was an Independent (registered, even) until her father decided to run - although she boldly admits being a lifelong Republican. I admire her for being a "voice" for anyone who doesn't believe in the "old school" ideals that many seem to have, but she really isn't going to change anyone's views is she? So she throws a few blogs out there that are semi-well-written... that's going to do it? This is going to make you a frontrunner in the GOP? Bragging about being able to walk in 5-inch-heels seems more suited to a sorority girl - not a political leader.

I recently saw her on Bill Maher, and at first, had hopes that she'd done her homework. I don't WANT this girl to fail, I think she has a decent head on her shoulders but she just thinks since her last name belongs to a political dynasty that she's owed credit where credit isn't due. Her entire performance on that show was juvenile, to say the least. If you're going to play with the big boys, and you have something to prove, then don't go in there completely unprepared. She played the, "I'm blonde" card and when not understanding the comparison between Reagan blaming Carter for mistakes as Obama does to Bush she quickly retorted with "Well I wasn't born then..." Paul Begala apparently had his fill with her stupidity and, rightfully so, said that he wasn't "alive during The French Revolution but I know about it."
And don't even get me started on her Rachel Maddow appearance - only to retract nearly everything useful she'd said.

I really don't understand Meghan at all... and this is probably why I'm so irritated with her. She has a degree from Columbia University - far better of an education than I've had thus far. Yet, I can see past the tip of my nose. I can only wish I had the kind of power she has at her fingertips. Let's hope she wakes up and realizes that you can't teach the old dogs new tricks. Being a "Liberal" isn't so bad is it? She says she wants the Republican party to forget the past and move forward, but aren't those who forget the past doomed to repeat it?

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Comment by Jeff Langston on July 11, 2009 at 5:02am
I'm not as irritated by her as you seem to be, and yes I follow her on Twitter. Like her or not, she seems to be the sanest and most intelligent member of the Republican party (which doesn't say much of course). She's repeatedly said she's not going to run for office, and I see no reason currently to doubt that. I think she's torn from wanting to be "daddy's girl" and support the political system she was raised with, but it's obvious that she has a lot of problems with what the Republican party currently stands for. In some ways it mirrors what seems to be going on in religious house holds across the country currently. People all over have been raised a certain way, but now they've been exposed to reality and realize that it was all bunk. The church's stance on homosexuality has been one of the strongest factors in turning people away from the church. She seems to be struggling too, but instead of abandoning the party (which is what she should probably do), because she wants to please her Republican daddy, she's trying to change it by being a positive voice. She's still misguided on plenty of things, but she's light years ahead of virtually everyone else in the party. But really, she's not trying to be a political leader, no more than most of us are when we blog or twitter or whatever. She's a girl, trying to enjoy life which includes talking about her heels or whatever, who just happens to be passionate about politics also, and feels that her voice can possibly inspire others and affect change in the Republican party. That, in and of itself, should be commended and respected. Plus, she has been more verbal and more positive about Prop H8 than even Obama whom I'm getting fairly disgusted with, so that's more kudos to Meghan in my book also. Now, if we can only get her to honestly evaluate reality, she'd become an atheist liberal in a heart beat. :)


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