Geek club to give kid's camp $1 for every inaccuracy found at creation museum

The Long Beach Book and General Geekery Club is hardly a scientific group. In fact, their interests lie more in the realm of science fiction, fantasy, comic books andD&D. However, they could hardly claim nerdish or geeky credentials if they didn't at least have some respect for science and the difference between fantasy and reality. That's why, when the club decided to organize a trip to California's own "creation science" museum near San Diego on October 27th, they decided something more was needed than just rolling their eyes at all the inaccuracies they would find there.

From the group's meetup page:

Morganna suggested we do this on hardmode and pledge money to a foundation for every instance of scientific misfact found.

The targeted foundation will be Camp Quest. Camp Quest provides an educational adventure shaped by fun, friends and freethought, featuring science, natural wonder and humanist values. As an added bonus, all donations to Camp Quest up to $50,000 will be matched by the Stiefel Freethought Foundation until the end of 2012!

So now it is official: all Long Beach General Geekery members have the option of pledging a donation to Camp Quest for every violation of objective fact found at the Creation Museum in San Diego. The recommended donation is $1 per violation, up to $20 per member. If you wish to participate, you can adjust that figure up or down to suit your financial situation. Please note, you don't have to attend the meetup to participate in the pledge.

The place in question is the Creation and Earth History Museum, whose mission statement, in part, reads, "To provide scriptural and scientific evidence that reinforces the biblical account of creation" or in other words, the evidence for a 6,000 year old Earth, Noah's Flood, and a refutation of the foundation stone of all modern life sciences, Darwin's theory of evolution through natural selection...

So you know this visit has the potential to raise a bundle for Camp Quest.

You don't have to attend the meetup to participate though. You can also donate to Camp Quest here and simply add the note, “Long Beach General Geekery Creation Science Museum HARD MODE Challenge” to it.

Those interested in seeing a slide show of the San Diego creation museum's exhibits can find one in this article. An account of an atheist group's visit to (and demonstration outside) the museum can be found here.

More information on the Long Beach Book and General Geekery Club's October 27th creation museum meetup can be found here.

The original piece can be foundhere.. 

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Comment by James Cox on September 26, 2012 at 9:59pm

It would be fun to know the final 'List of Inaccuracy', and the amount donated. This list should then be posted in front of the location or sent as hard copy mail with amount raised. Just to let them know that 'WE' are watching and educating.

Comment by Reg The Fronkey Farmer on September 27, 2012 at 5:51pm

Gay couples are not very welcome there.

Comment by James Cox on September 27, 2012 at 10:33pm

There is a web video at the groups FB page, which is a rebutal to Bill Nyn's video.

Two Phds give their rebutal:

Dr. Georgia Purdom- Molecular Genetics, Ohio State Univ.

Dr. David Menton- Biology, Brown Univ.


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