Atheists,(people who don't believe in a God.)?

#1. How do you go day by day living knowing one day you'll die and you'll have nothing to look forward to, just be dead?

#2. What do you believe will happen to you when your dead? Will that just be it?

#3. Do you really think our ancestors were monkeys? (explain why?)

#4. Explain- Evolution? how did apes evolve?

#5.  Are you afraid that you were born in this world to die alone example: you lived a beautiful life in which you built over the years from learning new things helping others out, struggles, having beautiful children building a life for you and your family but then all of what you built was for nothing because once you die that's the end of your life.

#6. Do you believe there are aliens?

#7.  Do you believe there's ghosts?

#8. Do you believe that there is some type of God out there? (Why? Why not?)

#9. Why are you an Atheist?  Why do you NOT believe in God?  Why would you reject God ? 

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Comment by Unseen on August 5, 2012 at 11:47pm

I base my rational belief in the God of the Bible on the fact that I think the resurrection of Jesus Christ can be reasonably thought to be an historical fact. Can't be proved, of course. If that is true then it leads to a reasonable belief in many other things in the Bible about God.

The resurrection of Jesus can only be thought to be an historical fact if it is possible in the first place. So, what scientific grounds do you have for it? Or do you have other examples of resurrections to use? Zombies?

Comment by Suzanne Olson-Hyde on August 6, 2012 at 9:35am

As a christian, Dara, can you enlighten me please.

In Leviticus 15:28-30 New International Version - NIV

28.   When she is cleansed from her discharge, she must count off seven days, and after that she will be ceremonially clean. 29. On the eighth day she must take two doves or two young pigeons and bring them to the priest at the entrance to the tent of meeting. 30.   The priest is to sacrifice one for a sin offering and the other for a burn offering. In this way he will make atonement for her before the Lord for the uncleanness of her discharge.

Should I have to buy and erect a tent, to meet the priest, then should I start breeding doves or pigeons (there is a choice) or does the church supply them, by having a breeding programme for doves and/or pigeons for sacrifice (how is this one killed, chopping it's head off, or slitting it's throat.

And the other, for a burnt offering (is this one already dead, or is it gently put into the fire, whilst still alive.)

I will need thirteen pigeons or doves per year. Every woman will need hundreds of birds over her fertile lifetime, this could pose a problem of supply and demand. 

The other question, I have for you, if I am unclean, because I have periods, The Lord, Most omnipotent God of all mankind, the loving one, gave me the ability to have children, and without periods, neither you nor I could not have children. Can you see my dilemma here?

Thank you so much for your input, wisdom and knowledge of the Christian faith and the Christian bible in advance :)

Comment by archaeopteryx on August 6, 2012 at 11:29am

@Suzanne - I believe the tent is supposed to be already in place, provided by the local religious establishment. As for the doves, they can be purchased from street vendors who would have set up shop near the tent, for that express purpose. Execution of the birds is the responsibility of the priest, not something you need to do.

Did you know that menstrual blood was used as one of the torture techniques at Guantanamo? A female interrogator would pretend she was menstruating, reach between her legs (to which a packet of fake blood had been strapped) and threaten to smear it on the Muslim prisoner, to force him to talk.

My guess would be that this whole "unclean" thing originated long before the Jewish people separated from the other Semitic nomadic tribes of the middle east.

SO - enjoy your unclean week, and remember, in three more weeks, it starts all over again! Good times --! I don't suppose I could get an "AMEN!"? How about a "hallelujah"? Bronx cheer?

Comment by matt.clerke on August 6, 2012 at 7:24pm

Heres what I don't get:

When she is cleansed from her discharge, she must count off seven days

So that's seven days AFTER the end of a period? Is a woman unclean during her period AND during those seven days? If so, that's a bit longer than a week... Some women will end up spending almost half of their fertile life being unclean!


Oh wow, kinda off topic for this thread.... Maybe we should go to a christian forum to ask this sort of thing?

Comment by Suzanne Olson-Hyde on August 7, 2012 at 1:55am

Thanks Archy - I was concerned - It's the Native American women who had the right idea - no shame no sin to be expunged - revered, thought to be more powerful, and would call on the women, for insight, advice and guidance. Not Jews, xians or muslims.

@matt - when a xian comes onto this site - there are questions I really like to ask - this is just one of them. It just makes them look sillier by the minute.

Comment by archaeopteryx on August 7, 2012 at 2:20am

Interesting story that I KNOW you will appreciate about Native American women. I stayed for aa couple of weeks some years ago with a couple I'd earlier gone to college with, who were at that time, teaching school of the Navajo Indian Reservation in Tuba City, Arizona, in the N.E. corner. We would watch as we saw Navajo families go to town to shop at the grocery store. The husband and kids would ride inside the truck, while the wife would ride alone in the back.

I thought, "How misogynistic!" until my friend explained a few things to me. The truck was his, and he had a right to do anything with it he pleased. However the home and the groceries and everything else were hers, and she could feed him, or not, or she could let him stay inside her house tonight or she didn't have to. That gave me a whole new perspective.


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