There’s been times when I’ll sit down and watch a show dealing with ghosts like Ghost Hunters and I’ll always have questions going through my head while watching them.  There are so many things that simply don’t make sense to me, which is why I don’t believe they exist.  I figured I’d go ahead and list a few of these questions here.

  1. What are ghosts supposedly made of?
  2. Why are ghosts seen in pictures and fleetingly in person only at certain times but not constantly seen?
  3. How can these things move objects and effect them if they no longer have a physical body?
  4. Why are ghosts represented in the media in so many different forms?  For instance shadows, glowing globes, transparent outlines, and solid outlines.  Why isn’t there any consistency?
  5. How can humans “sense” ghosts? What supposedly sensory do we have that causes us to get those ominous feelings that make so many people believe there’s a ghost nearby?
  6. With so many people who have died, why aren’t we constantly seeing ghosts?
  7. Why hasn’t someone trapped a ghost to be studied?
  8. Since ghosts can be seen, do they produce light or reflect it?
  9. Are ghosts affected by gravity? If they aren’t, then are many floating about in space exploring strange new worlds and civilizations?

These are just a few questions I have dealing with ghosts.  I’m sure there are people who can give there own opinion on some, but no matter what I find the whole thing a bit hard to swallow.  I will admit I’ll leave a very small possibility to there being ghosts, just a very small one.  I give it a more likelihood to being true if someone can capture a ghost that I can see and interact with.  That would be a start, but there are still other things I’d need, like proof this thing isn’t an illusion and the ghost was that of a person who actually lived, then died.  I’m sure there are even more concerns I’d have if someone could fulfill those, but I doubt anyone could even do what I suggested for proof.

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Comment by Haunter on July 18, 2012 at 12:42pm
I'm not sure what you mean with all of those numbers. I tried putting them into context with the numbers on the original post, but that didn't work. I tried to read the sentence as "Number one, heaven is dark and sad, number two it's for Mormons, and number three, four, and five (for emphasis) happy well-lit places are heaven" but that doesn't make much sense either, nor does it answer what I said. Please clarify if you would.

As for the second thing, take it easy on the capslock there, hoss. When I said "the people on those shows" in my comment, I meant the people on those shows. If they are so earnest in proving it and really believe in ghosts, why do they do it in the most sensationalistic unbelievable manner possible? Of course, I didn't allow for the idea that they are only pretending to be earnest (which is what I believe archaeopteryx was alluding to) and sensationalizing it on purpose, but that would have been a reasonable answer to my question anyway. Unlike banging on a capslocked keyboard.


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